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Hello everyone, 

I have taken the NCLEX exam 2 times and failed. I did saunders, UWORLD and HURST. Planning to purchase NCSBN for 3 weeks and then write the exam please help me any suggestions. I want to pass this time. PLZ HELP!! 

  • I'm with you did uworld 2x and still failed it's going to be my 3rd time I need help too I don't know what else to do I did Saunders Nclex mastery and also quick fast review
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    I Bought 3 week NCSBN review course going through the content and doing 50 questions everyday from the Q bank
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    hi! does 3 weeks enough to absorb the knowledge? have u feeling overwhelmed for the 3 weeks? or pressured? i know that everyone is different, just want to know your side, thanks~!
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    hi? does 3weeks is enough? isn't it too overwhelming?
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    Hey, I reviewed the content before from UWORLD, SAUNDERS, HURST, Mark.K. I chose 3 weeks so I can go through the content one more time and do the questions. I am doing questions everyday from Qbank and scoring 60-70% in each test. If you think your base is not strong in content then you should buy it for longer period.