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Failed at 75 questions, then passed at 75 questions the 2nd try

I would like to share my NCLEX journey, I graduated 4 years ago. I took the NCLEX the same year but did not really study properly. I guess I was so burned out from nursing school and needed a break but due to family and friends pressure, I decided to just wing the NCLEX. BIG MISTAKE lol. I basically took NCLEX without any review besides flipping the pages of my Saunder's NCLEX Review. Yes, you read that correctly. I was crazy and just so done at that point. Personal things were happening too so it did not help. I took the test and I basically could not answer most of the questions correctly. I knew I failed it but was still hoping I passed. I obviously failed after 75 questions. I also received the run down of the NCLEX categories and it was mostly below passing level. What a disappointment and I basically became depressed and sort of gave up on taking NCLEX. It also did not help hearing that most of my classmates has already passed the NCLEX and are working as an RN. 

Fast forward to 2 years, I finally decided that enough is enough. I am now determined to pass NCLEX. If other people can pass, why can't I? I decided to give it my all. Made my study schedule tried sticking to it. I gave myself 3 months to study. I basically utilized Saunder's Review book to use while I go over tons of NCLEX type questions. I would go to Saunders after each question and read more about the topic/meds, etc. I also used LaCharity's prioritization book for the prioritization and the case studies. And lastly, I used the 5 week NCSBN course. I really like NCSBN course because they are the ones that makes the NCLEX questions so who would best know what kind of questions to study and how to study it? It was a bit a strain financially since I have not been working for years but I convinced myself that this would be the last time I would spend money on NCLEX review related materials and it totally was. I stuck through the 5 week schedule though I did skip some content and focused more on the pretest, question bank, and the post test. The course questions was hard so it means that it is really above passing level type of questions. I really learned a lot. Gave it my all. I did reschedule my NCLEX test multiple times. So I did the 3 months extensive studying, scheduled my NCLEX test, rescheduled while continuing to study and review. I finally got the courage to take it by the last available day of my ATT and I FINALLY PASSED!

I PASSED NCLEX WITH ONLY 75 QUESTIONS! I got tons of SATA, meds, law, etc. It was a really a good mix plus I could tell that the test was getting harder each minute but I believed in myself and just remained calm. I also utilized the paper/writing material that they gave me to write things as I remember them. I did some drop down and med calculations too. It finally turned off at 75 questions and I was in shock. I went home and looked up some questions topics and was able to pin point that I failed to answer a minimum of 5 questions! By that time, I was disheartened and was sure that I failed but I finally got the email and says I passed the NCLEX! I could finally breath. If I can do it after a long hiatus, you can do it too! GOOD LUCK! DO NOT GIVE UP!