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Discouraged and Disgusted

I have been out of Nursing school 16 years but continue to work at a hospital full time and home health part time to pay the bills and care for 3 kids. I have taken the Nclex 10 times and I am tired. I am going to try it one more time and if for some reason i'm not successful then it's just not in God's will for me to practice as a Nurse, I have a family to worry about. I am going to use the NCSBN review, U-World and listen to Mark Klimek's review. I have the Hurst Review but it hasn't helped me so I need to try something different. So much time has passed and been wasted that I don't even know if I will be excited to finally pass. I do want to say good luck to those who have just graduated and are preparing to take it, I will say a prayer for you. This test is awful and no reflection of how I would function as a Nurse on the floor but I can't practice Nursing without it so wish me luck. Thanks

  • DO NOT GIVE UP! YOU CAN DO THIS. I do not know your circumstances but you can do this! Could you maybe say how you reviewed previously? NCLEX has such a very particular way of asking questions. I think with the length of time since you went to nursing school, could maybe enrolling in a refresher program/course help you? I think it would also help with your future job prospects if you do end up passing which I really hope you would. I used the NCSBN 5 week review course and I found it so helpful. I have not tried U world but I have heard amazing things about it as well. I would advice you on using a review book as well. Give yourself a set schedule/time to study and give it your all. I would also say use a good comprehensive review NCLEX textbook to accompany all those other review formats that you have. Do questions then look it up using the review book. Good luck and let us know how you did it!

    Also do not book your test UNTIL you are a bit confident that you will pass. Maybe give yourself 3 months or so then apply to retake the NCLEX which would give you extra couple of months to review more. Since it has been so long, you would need to really review everything. Again, if you do have the resources/money, I would highly advice you take a refresher course. If money is tight which I totally can relate, try to do what I advised above. You can do this!