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need help to guide me on how to prepare after being out of school for a year

can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me. this is the first time in my life where i been at my all time low. so depressed and stressed out having break downs at least once a week with the stress and worry of me not knowing enough to pass this test. i know this is a long post but please i need any advice i can get. everything i done, gave up, and lost is riding on me passing. if i fail it was all for nothing. 


i was in a pn program last year and failed my last semester so had to wait a whole year to return to repeat it. i passed all my classes i had to now im at a cross road. i feel like the students who went right through the program and passed has an advantage over me because its still fresh in their head, where as for me i havent had the content in a whole year so its like learning EVERYTHING all over again. while in nursing school i retained a couple thing but feel like because there was soooo much material in so little time for each test i just learned it enough to stick for the test but not enough to really really understand and retain it. 

i have nclex review books, online subscriptions, and print outs. but i feel over whelmed with all the information i have. is there anyone who can give suggestions on how to study, where to begin, what to focus on, cause i feel like the review books are power points and do go deep into the material and leaving out things i should know. should i just trust what the Saunders book review is giving as far as it being enough information for me to pass the test or should i go deeper into the content? i work better talking about the material to people and getting their feedback because it helps me remember the material but i have no one to study with because i dont know anyone in the class, and havent kept touch with anyone from the old class. 

im giving myself till august sometime to take the test cause i need to get a job and move on with life so im in a crunch. is there anyone out there who is or was in the same boat as me where they are repeat students and what are you study plans like. what have you used? does it seem to "click" when you look at the information? should i just stick to my text book from school and go over those chapters all over again front to back? what should i focus on and what isnt that important? like chemical warfare diseases, and things like that. because its ALOT of information in these books and alot of adverse reactions, signs in symptoms (like whos going to remember EVERY sign and symptom for EVERY diagnoses out there especially when it comes to the select all that apply its like so much info is in my head and i see the answers and its always that one answer where u know you saw it but was it for that specific diagnosis.


  • I totally understand where are coming from.....i feel the same way. I graduated back in the late 80's was a stay at home mom for 18 years and didn't keep my license. Now i am trying to get it back and I have to take the test again. Which is totally different then when i took it years ago.
    I feel there is a lot of unnecessary content, and NO you can't possibly be expected to remember all of this material.
    I purchased the 8 week study review and am trying my best. It's all i can do.