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Thank you NCSBN!!! :)

Thank you NCSBN Learning Extension!!! The Learning Extension course review for NCLEX never disappoints me. This NCLEX review course provided me the boost and really helped me passed my NCLEX not once, but twice!!! Few years ago, I used the learning extension course review for my NCLEX-PN exam and I passed!!! Recently, I used learning extension course review for my NCLEX-RN and I passed!!! I really like the side notes and tips on how to answer each question which really broaden my understanding. The material is easy to understand and website is easy to navigate. I like the layout/list of topic on the study plan. I diligently went through/go over first with my weakest area and do the practice questions. Overall, it is a great review tool for nursing student in preparing for NCLEX exam. I strongly recommend the NCSBN Learning Extension! I wish NCSBN will have a review courses for nursing specialties. I would definitely use it in the future! Again, thank you NCSBN Learning Extension!!! God is good, thank you Jesus!!!!