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Passed NCLEX!

I took NCLEX on Thursday and passed with 75 questions!

My school required us to use ATI which I struggled with so when it came time to start studying for boards I really wanted a review that would help me to pass and make me feel confident!

The NCSBN learning extention was recommended by one of my teachers and I am so grateful

I purchased the 5 week plan which I used to practice questions up until I took the test.

You get “things to remember” before each of the post tests and it breaks down everything we learned in nursing school to the main points you need to know for the test which I loved because studying for nclex is very overwhelming

I would recommend this review to anyone it is the best review for nclex and it is very affordable

ATI and Kaplan are extremely overpriced and although they work for some people everyone learns differently; studying with Ncsbn is the best option because it is the closest thing to actual nclex that you can get.