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I have given up

This is my 6 times after being out of school for 10 years. I have tried everything! Im just can't no more. It took a lot out of me. I feel like  I am not smart enough. I study this go round for 2 months, questions after questions. I can't no more. 

  • Don't give up!!! I am in the same boat as you. I graduated in 2013 and on my 9th try with taking the RN-NCLEX. I won't say its not frustrating or disappointing feeling, however you were meant to be a nurse just like me. I see my fellow classmates progressing in their nursing field, their success gives me strength I can do it too. I know it can be time consuming and costly. I have paid for more books, programs and listened to many YouTube channels about "how to pass and understand the RN-NCLEX. " You can do all things" as long as you keep the faith and pray, your time will come. We are meant to be NURSES!!! DON'T GIVE UP....We got this
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    I just took it for the 2nd time....and I have to say the content they present is very misleading and vague in the exam....