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Finally passed after failing few times.

Thanks to NCSBN learning extension company.I am international nurse,I graduated nursing school in Ethiopia,I moved to USA a few years ago.

My NCLEX-RN study journey:

Firs I bought Kaplan premium book,it makes things look easy but far from reality,I overestimate yourself.Exam Cram short,it's content after test don't match,I didn't liked it at all,Sounders 6th Ed, good content book helped me a lot and it's too huge. Kaplan course 3 days class ,every thing looked simple and I felt ready enough to take the test,but I took the test and  failed.I work full time some times two jobs to help myself and my family since I started studying Nclex-RN,I had no constant study schedule, some times not study weeks/months and go back again after memory start forgetting stuffs.

I started all over and renew the Kaplan course and commit myself to study hard about another month I read comments in social media that says " Kaplan course are not helping many students to pass the test ",a friend of mine who was about to graduate also told me that their school stopped using Kaplan after realizing not helping students to pass the test.while I was study Kaplan,I mat 3 guys at library who were using Uworld told me Uworld is the best,in a month,the 3 of them  passed the test at first time.I decided to buy Uworld and did it,after completing about 900 questions and averaged 50%, I took the test and failed again.I got shocked for the result and questioned myself what went wrong.I didn't feel to go back to study for awhile,I started reading student success and failure stories written in and Ncsbn testimoials.I concluded that NCSBN learning extension is more helpful than any other.I bought the course and  I made consistent schedule,I read by category and did all quizzes and QB,I averaged between 60-80,some times 100%,a few times 30s and 40s at some topics,I reviewed whatever I got wrong,I didn't read the content at all.I use Mark-yellow/blue book which also helpful.I prayed a lot and asked Allah{GOD) to help me pass,specially last 2 days of my test,I took the test on March 28/2018 and I check my Board online on 03/29/18,realized  finally I PASSED.

My Conclusion ,NCSBN learning extension questions almost similar to the actual test,it's great study tool. Uworld was harder than actual test,it challenges you enough, helpful course.Kaplan the best test taking strategy I ever seen,I used their strategy for my last test but I din't feel helpful of their content videos/book.

Sounders great content book but it's volume may scares you.



If I did it you can do it two.



  • Thank you for sharing your journey! been reading testimonials here to boost me. Congratulations! I hope I can be an RN too soon!
  • congratulations dear... can u please help me how can i get mark yellow/blue book?
  • where can I buy or get the mark yellow/blue book? congratulations!
  • congratulations.... i havent taken the test yet but been out of school for a year for pn and i feel like im u when reading your post because the questions im getting the same scores. when im reading the content i get it but when i go back after a few days im stuck on stupid it feels like. im stuck on trying to make a study guide and figure out where to start because i feel like im alllll over the place and i have uwould, ncsbn, saunders, and other books.... any suggestions????