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I passed 4th attempt 2yrs out of school 76 questions

I graduated feb 2016 took boards in june, august, december with no success. I had two miscarriages one after my first attempt in june and another after my third attempt. I know i was not ready to get back in the game after my first mc which is what definitely brought my confidence down for the other two failed attempts. I had to go thru a lot of self evaluating after my third fail before i could really truthfully focus on studying and build my confidence back up which are both crucial for slaying the RN NCLEX. after my third attempt i bought the lacharity book completed that & a 3wk mcsbn course. i however was still not feeling ready and summer time 2017 rolled around and i thought u know i need more review. I also had the nclex rn mastery app which i highly recommended all three lacharity, ncsbn, and mastery app if u need all around review of content, questions, & priority. I ended up buying another subscription of ncsbn 5wk this time and not until a year after my first subscription. i had it from december to january and scheduled my test for feb 20th. i didn’t get thru the first five subjects which are the categories of the nclex but i did complete all practice questions at the end and all body system categories except peds and ob only because i was confident in those two categories. i took loooots if notes cause ncsbn is very bulky and lengthy and i’m horrible at pulling pertinent info out but regardless i think the quick review was definitely needed. i only reviewed some of my notes mostly my weak areas which i knew what i was weak in from taking questions on the mastery app. I studied no more than 4hrs a day. I passed nclex with 76q. it feels so good to finally have slayed the beast and call myself an RN. Regardless the tools i used worked for me along with making sure i built my confidence back up i highly believe in having good confidence in order to slay the nclex otherwise if u go in with a failing mindset then u Will fail simple. Always believe in yourself because if i can do it after two years out of school lots of gaps in between studying and having personal tragedies then you can too! Just study hard and go in their confident!