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New Nurse ;-)

Everyone told me to use Kaplan to study for the NCLEX. After using Kaplan, I took the NCLEX for the first time got 265 questions and failed. I feel like Kaplan did not prepare me for the NCLEX. It was just questions and videos. I took the NCSBN online course got 265 questions and PASSED. Thank You JESUS!!!!! NCSBN did prepare me for the NCLEX. It went over everything I learned in school. The power points were very similar to the one I used in class. At the end of each section, the main points are summarized as the main point to remember. I made sure I scored 75% or higher on the quizzes, post test, and practice questions. I think It is very important to finish ALL the practice questions. I repeated any practice test section that I did not score a 80%. This is what help me PASS the NCLEX for the second time. If you don't know the answer, google it or look it up in your nursing book. It is important to know your content and medications adverse events. The test scores that reads 80% means you know 80% of the content. So, turn off the TV, Facebook, and stop the texting and STUDY!!!! So you can also PASS the NCLEX.