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265 questions, awesome site

THANK YOU SO MUCH NCSBN LEARNING EXTENSION! Similar practice questions was on my NCLEX!

So, on Thursday, December 21, 2017, I took my boards after rescheduling it over and over and over again due to fear. I have been out of school since 2013 and my state wants me to pass in 5 years after graduating. Of course, I am approaching my 5th year and if I knew that I would be struggling to pass boards with knowing the content, test taking strategies, and my test anxiety, then I would have attempted to reapply into an accelerated nursing program but I had hope. I took my exam in another state an hour away from me.

Unfortunately I did not pass and the exam stopped at 265 questions for the 8th time. DISCOURAGED! It makes me think that I was really really really close to passing. When I got my results yesterday morning, I got " near the passing the standard" in all 8 areas. I would think that I was so close to passing which is why the computer kept giving me questions. I did a tally of how many dosage calc questions and SATA. I had 2 dosage calc and 31 SATA. I had nothing but priority/teaching and precautions (PPE and disease process precautions). I got really tired and over it after the 200th question and the test counts your last 60 questions. I hope I did not mess up myself. I've never been so close with my other exams. They usually stop between 80 and 100.

Since my state is going to allow me to retake it before May 2018, I am going to retake it. I did the PVT and it supposedly charged me $200 but it didn't withdraw it from my bank so I am unsure what happened. I am just thankful for another opportunity.

Study Resources I used:

NCSBN 3 week course, practice questions only

Lippincott Passpoint

NCLEX-RN Mastery phone app


  • Download UWORLD PLEASEEE!!! It'll definitely help you.
  • In reply to t_mensah:

    Thank you. I definitely plan to invest in. I am going to retake it in 45 days. I should be ready by then with using uworld and this website.
  • In reply to t_mensah:

    I downloaded this app last month, the cheapest version, and so far it hasn't helped much. I was trying to find out how to access the visual material along with the questions. Right now I just have the questions. I love how looks exactly like the nclex.