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I just took my NCLEX for the second time. The first time I failed with 123 questions, the second with the entire 265 questions. The first time I was kind of scattered with what I studied: Saunders, uworld, notes from school. The second time I studied only ATI. What should I do from here? What should I study? I had to work hard in nursing school (as does everyone, I know!), but I was just an average student. I'm feeling very discouraged!

  • Hi I'm out of school for 22 years and I just took my NCLEX RN for the second time on October 23, 2017 to tell you honestly the test that I got its really hard lots of SATA,I got two drop box, prioritization, delegation. My first exam, I was confidently I pass the exam but unfortunately failed so I went back to study again and I found the NCSBN learning extension for study for NCLEX RN and purchased it for 5 weeks and took the exam on October 23, 2017 and went home very sad as I mentioned its really hard the exam lots of SATA exam and also I was worried because computer stop at 75 question and then ask me to do the research question and the survey and I think failed again and went home very sad and after 5 hours I did the PVT trick and said the candidate currently has the test result on hold, A new registration cannot be created at this time. but I check my result the next day in MQA NCSBN 24th October and I passed and then I check the DOH website to make sure that I pass and my name is in there as an RN, so guys don't give up study hard use NCSBN learning extension for your study guide. Thank you NCSBN I passed ....