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Discouraged Please Help :(

So I've taken the NCLEX twice now. Just got my quick results this morning and found out I failed again :(

I had a job lined up, paperwork complete for it, and orientation is supposed to be tomorrow. Nursing school was terrible for me. I hated the exams so it's not so much a surprise to me that I'm having trouble with the NCLEX. But for my second time around, I used NCSBN and Uworld. I have no idea what to do now. I will say uworld was very similar to the exam. Both times I walked out of the exam with a huge headache but this time I felt way better prepared than I did before but still failed ;(

  • I am so sorry this happened to you, however don't get discouraged because it can only hurt you. Just pick yourself up again, dust yourself off and use that as a motivation to try harder and keep going. I haven't taken my exam yet, i plan to start an 8 week program. Pray to GOD, he always helps his children, keep studying, study even harder this time, stay focused and make a plan. Believe in yourself !!! Good Luck