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Thank you NCSBN.  I had my exam last July 22.  Passed my NCLEX with 75 questions (first attempt).  It is through testimonials that I had learned about NCSBN Learning Extension.  I had used Saunders, UWorld, Kaplan, Hurst and Lippincott.  But in my opinion, the best NCLEX reviewer is NCSBN.  The sample questions gives you an idea of how NCLEX questions are made.  Don't memorize.  Read and understand important nursing topics that are presented in the review.  I purchased the 3-week course which I think would be enough time to prepare yourself.  Also, be ready for SATA (select all that apply) questions.  I had almost 50% of these type of questions!  NCLEX is a beast.  The computer knows your ability.  The best way to slay the beast is to read, rest, relax and pray.  After all, NCLEX is a test of knowledge gained from nursing school.