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NCLEX-RN passed!

I passed on my first try with 90 questions.  I did the 3 week NCSBN course in addition to a different review course.  I thought that the questions through NCSBN's program were extremely helpful.  However, the content that you are supposed to read through prior to taking the practice/review questions in each section takes forever, especially if you are a slow reader like myself.  Had I fully understand how much reading would be in this course, I do not know if I would have purchased it.  I ended up spending too much of my study time attempting to read the content resulting in no logical way for me to complete everything in the 3 week time table.  It caused a lot of stress because I thought that if I did not do it all then I would not do well on the NCLEX.  Therefore, I gave up on NCSBN's content and focused on the content review through my other review course, but I did come back to NCSBN to answer all of the questions throughout the modules and the post-test questions.