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Took NCLEX right after my LVN to RN transition program. Didnt pass even after taking  a review course. Not to blame them -I think I didn't use the correct study techniques. I was trying to absorb too much info and study everything instead of focusing on my weakness.  So I saw this site and thought-we'll it's been a while let me try this before I try another attempt at NCLEX. I was desperate since I waited almost past the testing peroid-3 yrs after graduating, so I was on the brink of having to repeat nursing school -I know such a procrastonator!  Upon purchasing this course, I found the study was easy to absorb and it easy to study and follow along. I really got more from the quizzes than the study material however. I wouldn't recommend taking the 3 week coarse unless u are SUPER disclipined. I took away these 3 things from this course and literally asked myself these 3 things for each question that appeared on my NCLEX screen. Is the answer patient centered, Is it the safest option for the pt, and is it therapeutic. If it didn't meet one of these I didn't select it as my answer. I got mostly select all (high level questions) and only 1 math question.  It cut me off at about 86 or 87 questions, so this made me nervous, but after 48 hours of waiting. ....I paid for my unofficial results and saw that I passed! I would recommend this course, but you should really know your core content. Don't depend on this course to teach you everything you learned in Nursing school, but if I could do it after graduating 3 years prior and pass-then so can you! #LVN15 years..oh one last tip, if you are a LVN of many years like myself THINK like a NEW nurse! Go get'em...good luck!

  • Can you elaborate more on what is therapeutic on a question?
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    I took a NCLEX NCBSN question and dissected it w/ my rationale underneath the answer choices. Hopefully it helps you see my thought process and how I selected the most THERAPEUTIC answer when answering the questions on the board.
    Example: The nurse assesses a client who has been re-admitted to the psychiatric inpatient unit with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. The client’s symptoms have been managed for several months with fluphenazine (Prolixin). Which should be the initial focus of the questioning during the admission assessment? The stem is which should be the INITIAL focus

    a. ”How long have you been outside in the hot weather this prior week?”
    This is not an initial focus and Question will only promote a Yes or No answer-NOT Therapeutic

    b. “Tell me about your medication routine and when do you take it?”
    Therapeutic Question and promotes more than a YES or NO answer and could help the nurse probe deeper into re-admission, more so than answer choice C.

    c."What stressors do you have living in your home by yourself?”
    This is good to know, but again it is not an initial focus and the Question will not give as much information as open ended question as in answer selection b, thus it is NOT the most Therapeutic

    d. “How much alcohol in the form of beer, wine of hard liquor do you use each day?”
    Not an initial focus and Question will only promote a one or two word answer-NOT Therapeutic