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I passed my NCLEX-RN exam the second time!!!!!

I want to share my experience with everyone!

I took the NCLEX-RN the first time on February 25 and I didn't pass. I was devastated when I found out the results. I studied by U-World and by the app NCLEX Mastery. I think that the worst moment is when you open the results to find out if you passed or not. At least for me that was the worst moment of my life. I finished my nursing school on September 2016 and I was a medical doctor in my country so I thought that everything would be easier for me, and I was wrong. The same day when I found out that a failed I re-register again and I scheduled my exam for April 19, 2017. I found this amazing course because one of my friends recommended it to me. I bought it for five  weeks and I want to tell everyone that this was the most complete and simple way to study. Learning extension gives you exactly what you need to pass the exam. My session ended 1 week before my exam and during the last week I reviewed the NCLEX-RN EXAMINATION book by (Saunders) which was very helpful.  In addition, every night I was doing questions through the NCLEX mastery app. Today I found out my results and I passed!!!!!! It was the best feeling ever!!! If I can do it all of you can do it as well. I recommend this course to everybody!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

  • Congratulations and good luck in your nursing career!
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    congrats. I find out I failed 2nd. I am so devastated since yesterday. what can I do. I am international Nurse
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    I really understand how you are feeling. I went through the same once. I did this course that it was very good for me. I studied also by the NCLEX EXAMINATION book by Saunders and by the app NCLEX Mastery. Do not give up. You can do this. Every time that you go you get more experience. Try to do a lot of prioritization questions and "all that apply" questions. I think 80% of the questions are those kind. Just remember that you are a nurse already. You just need to pass the exam. The day of my 2nd exam I got in and I said to myself "I can do this, I'm gonna do it this time". Be confident, read the questions carefully, do not rush, take your time and you will see that you will pass this time. Do not wait to long to take it again. I fail on February and I took it again in April. Take a 5 minutes every day and tell to yourself " I'm going to pass my exam". Good luck to you!!!!! Let me know how it goes next time.
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    thank you dear