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NCSBN review for the NCLEX works!

Hello all-

        I just want to say how amazing the NCSBN review for NCLEX RN is. Regardless of how much time you have before your test, any amount of exposure will help you pass.

        I believe that because of this program, I passed in 75 questions (THANKS BE TO YOU GOD!!!), and was anxiously waiting for the computer to "challenge" me. But it shut off really fast. I had been doing Kaplan for the weeks prior and completed everything in their plan. I found the NCSBN review program with literally 3 days to test. I spent as much time in those few days as I could with this program, and I will tell you- what I practiced and learned in the NCSBN course was far more helpful, current, and relevant to the test. All of those questionable topics that we all struggle with are rationalized by the people who create the test- who can do what exactly, what to do first (O2, position, or fluids)- in those trickier situations (sickle cell crisis, un-dx HF, pleural effusion) that our textbooks may present differently. They even have a real, live nurse named "Susan," who answers every question you could think of, and in record time (not days like some others).


       Bottom line- six weeks will GALVANIZE everything you already learned in school, but even a few days will SHARPEN you. It makes you so much more confident and is worth every penny.

Good Luck and God Bless!!!'

T. Fishel