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Passed Nclex RN the 4th Time with 75 questions out of school for 5 years.

Friends don't give up thats the first rule and the second rule is keep practicing. It is a challenging test for people who are international nurses or who got out of school long ago. I liked this Course a lot. Questions are similar to the real tests. I am a believer of Christ and I believe in miracles. Have faith in Christ and pray as you are preparing for the test and as you go to take the test. He have answered many of my prayers including passing this test. Good Luck Everyone.

  • You have inspired me to not give up. I have my exam coming up in 6 days from now. I have been out of school for about 2 years and this will be my 3rd attempt. Thanks for your words of encouragement.
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    You're welcome. We can do this. I recently got a job and working now. Will be praying for your success.
    Remember on the test day go to testing center feeling that even if you can't make it this time, you will do it one day and don't get stressed out before your test. Get good rest before test day.
    I went to testing center making my mind up that it would be another practice test. That helped me to calm my brain down.
    Best of luck.
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    Is there any good testing advice or job search advice since its been several years since you graduated? Was it hard to find a job, I feel like that's my next battle after passing NCLEX
  • Graduated May 2013, barely failed 3 times with the full 265 questions each time... Have not taked in about 2.5 years... now have a 5mo old and decided enough is enough and time to get this under my belt... Have been very doubtful but after reading this i feel like it is a possibility! Thank You for sharing!
  • I graduated in October 2013 and took the NCLEX 3 times in 2014. I just scheduled my 4th attempt for July 5th and just purchased the 8 week course on learning extension today!! I have 110% faith in myself this time! Thanks for sharing your story!
  • This is amazing and gives me so much hope. I graduated back in 2009 from the Philippines and have challenged the exam twice and failed. Life has gotten in the way, but I want to try again! My greatest hesitation is that I graduated so long ago and I'm afraid I am failing to remember so much content! Any tips?
  • This just made me feel so much better thank you for writing this and Congrats!
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    I am in the same boat! I was/am freaking out about my 3rd try but reading this is so inspiring!! Thank you!!
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    @bleev02 sorry for very late response. For finding a job it depends on where you live. Some states have more nursing job than other. One advice I want to share is when you are looking for job. For interview you need to stick out. Wear formal outfit. That worked for me.
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    Congratulations on passing the exam and on getting a job! Was wondering if you were confident in your skills after being out of the field for some time. I am going to take my exam in June after 7 years out of the field. I am wondering if it'll be wise to find a preceptor or mentor?
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    Hey Dtitre,
    Where ever you work they will train you and show you the procedures and let you do it whenever the opportunity comes available. I was fine and learning more everyday. If you feel like you need personal mentor that's would not be a bad idea either.
  • Thank you for sharing jazzy!!
    You just gave me hope as I have been out of school since Dec 2013 and will be taking my second shot at the NCLEX at the
    end of this month after failing for the first time in Jan. Thanks for all who shared on this post and letting me know I am not alone. I felt so down on myself for the past 2 years but hearing jazzy's story I know now that with hard work and keeping the faith I'll have the letters RN at the end of my name! This review seems to be the best out there.