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Passed NCLEX the second time!! Here's my testimony!!!

When I first discovered NCSBN course review, I read the testimonials. And it was those testimonials that encouraged me to use this program my second time around and I am so thankful to God I did because I passed.

The first time I prepared for the NCLEX I used Kaplan. My school paid for it and had used it with the previous classes so I assumed that it would work for me but it didn't.Besides that program not working for me personally, here are a few other things I did wrong:

(1) I didn't do any content review because everyone told me to do questions and I'll be fine, but if you are weak in your content please take some time to review.

(2) I studied too many hours a day. From morning to night I was doing questions and reviewing, not giving my brain time to relax. From reading different testimonies on this website, I learned that 3-4 hours a day was enough along with taking breaks on the weekends.

(3) I rushed to take the test. I graduated Dec 12th 2015 and I took the test the first time Feb 5 2016. I was trying to keep up with my classmates and rushed to take my test, but that wasn't how my mind worked. I've always needed to take my time while studying through nursing school so it shouldn't have been any different when studying for the NCLEX. I know you are excited about being done and starting the next chapter as was I, but stay true to who you are. If you needed time to study during nursing school, use the same thought process with the NCLEX.

I purchased the 8 week program but didn't finish getting through it so I purchased another 5 weeks and was able to get through everything. The questions on NCLEX were so similar to the practice questions so that definitely eased my mind. While doing practice questions, I eventually learned how to know what the question was asking which helped me a lot. If this is your second time taking it I would highly suggest that you use this program. Use notes of affirmation to keep you encouraged while studying. I had post-it in my clear view with bible scriptures along with one saying "I will pass the NCLEX with God", "I have already passed this test". I repeated it everyday before I studied and after. Pray and believe that you will get it the second time around. God didn't bring you through nursing school only for you to stop here!!!!


Many Blessings on your journey to live in your purpose!

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    congratulation without God nothing not alone.!!!!
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    I'm so sorry to hear that. What was her studying schedule like? I only studied for 3-5hrs a day and took weekends off. The schedule they give you can be intimidating if she's person like me that needs to take her time. Tell her to focus on making sure she understands, that's most important. Don't schedule her next text until she's more than halfway through the studying material. That way, there isn't a "deadline" to meet. I didn't finish the 8 week in 8weeks, I had to purchase an additional 5 weeks. It's all about sticking to what works for you. Tell her she can email me at and I will try my best to encourage her through this!
  • Hi, Congratulations. By the way, what is the difference between the 3 week course & 15weeks course purchase? thanks.
  • Thank you for this post! I failed my NCLEX the first time as well, graduated Dec. 19th 2017, NCLEX Feb. 12th, 2018. I am already scheduled to take my test in early April. But I've made it through half of the NCSBN review and I feel like it is helping a lot more than when I did Kaplan.

    Praying every day for guidance and knowing that God's got my back and has a plan for my life has really helped along this journey!

    With God I know I can pass this second time!

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    Please do not include names, email address, phone #, etc. in posts. Thank you.
  • Good afternoon! Thank you kindly for your detailed message!!

    I graduated on Dec. 9, 2017 and took the NCLEX for the first time yesterday. Learned this morning that I didn't pass. I felt that I did everything right - like you - I answered as many questions as I could through online apps and by utilizing the Kaplan book (the $30 NCLEX prep book - not the $449 review course). I understood the Kaplan strategies and could easily apply them to the Kaplan questions. I found difficulty in bridging the strategies to the NCLEX style questions. I know I was extremely nervous too!

    Any additional feedback from anyone would be greatly appreciated! I believe I shall purchase the 5 week program!

    Thank you!!