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PLEASE help me.. I need advice.. taking my nclex for the 3rd time and must pass :(

I graduated in may 2013 with my BSN.. took the nclex july 16th and failed in 265 questions studying on my own just doing nclex 10000 questions, got up to a level 7.2 when i sat for the exam.

I signed up for the kaplan classroom class and took the exam again september 3rd for the second time and failed in 75 questions!!!!!!! I did all 1300 questions and had an average of 55% i had a 49% on the diagnosic exam and a 57% on the rediness exam..

I'm now re-taking the kaplan classroom prep 9/30-10/03 and i re took the diagnostic exam, scored a 63% this time.

I have set my date for the 3rd time at the end of october.. I just got hired for my DREAM JOB ON MY DREAM UNIT and they are holding the position for me until I pass and I have a start date and everything.

Like i said I'm re taking the kaplan class i have about a week before it starts so I'm utilizing kaplans material until the 30th. I also started to read the saunders book because the second time around i only read about 1/3 of the book.

After kaplan is over i have 3 weeks until my nclex so i plan on signing up for NCSBN for the 3 weeks of material. Between the $500 for kaplan and $750 to pearson taking the exam 3 times i can't afford to do this again.. plus i will lose my dream job and have to live with that forever :( I made myself a study schedule 3 hours in the AM with a gym break and 3-4 hours at night.. i also work about 15 hours a week to pay the bills.. ANY ADVICE I WOULD APPRECIATE.. PLEASE HELP or pray for me thank you very much.

  • Hi! I'm taking mine too on the last wk. of October and its my 4th time. First nclex had it on February 6th and I only did questions and rationales and have used lipincott, some Kaplan and mostly Saunders and then, on my 1st exam my question stopped on 75, I knew right then I failed because non of my answer I'm sure of. Everything was just a guess.

    I decided for my second exam I will take time and focus on the content, so I search for a seat-in class review and found only one review center which offer this type of program which only takes 1wk. Then, I realize 1wk is too short I don't think my brain can take too much info in just a short period of time, then I start searching from my native country "Philippines" and there we offer lots of program for seat-in class review where it focuses on nursing concepts which I believe i needed the most. So I enrolled and went back to Philippines to take my review and it took 2months for my review to be finished. When I came back I only have 1wk to review all my notes and was exhausted from my travel and other stuffs. I had my second exam on June 17th this time my question stopped at 89. I felt better than my first exam but I was concern because I know on my last 10question I am not sure Of it and then, yes I failed again. So I thought, I just need enough time to review my notes and I should be good to go for my next exam.

    Then I have my third exam on Aug. 26th this time it stopped on 75. I studied my notes every single one of it. I have to be honest I felt prepared this time because I know in my heart I take my time in reviewing my notes but to my dismay the questions I have, weren't in my notes or haven't heard about it and I'm unfamiliar about, I start panicking and I knew right then I failed.

    Now, I am scared, felt like I am traumatized by NCLEX-RN examination. Then, I start thinking, I came this far and only need one last step of becoming an RN, "I CANNOT GIVE UP" especially not now, I'm this close" if my friends did it then I can too, all I need is to have faith in God and in all things I do. I believe the key to success is ourself the determination and drive that we can do this. The only guarantee is OURSELF.

    I know I haven't pass yet but I know my time will also come and so is yours, for now let's do our best and work our best and to never give no matter what. Wish you all the best and may God bless us!

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    You passed nursing school so you will pass the nclex. You have to go in as if it's your 1st time. take your focus off the other 2 exams that you didn't pass. I mean take it completely out of your mind.

    My preparation for nclex. I removed all distractions from my environement (i shut my fb down completely, while studying i turned my phone off, and studied in a place that i was comfortable and provided me with the total concentration i needed. I exercised 4-5days/wk and ate very healthy. I made sure I slept 6-7hrs a night.

    Resources I used: Hurst review (live review/3days worth every penny), i also did the 3wk NSCBN course, i bough the lacharity delagation book (worth every penny) and I used a study guide that i found on (very helpful). I made sure studied something everyday no matter how tired I was, even if it was for only an hr however I mainly studied for 4+ hrs/day.  I prayed a lot.

    the weekend before my exam I met with some friends to go over my weak areas which helped tremendously.

    the night before the exam I went to bed early, prayed and got 7hrs sleep

    the day of the exam I woke up early, excercised and ate a healthy breakfast in addition to bringing snacks.

    During the exam, I prayed before I started, i prayed during also. I did not focus on the amount of questions I got, I focused on the question that was in front of me and kept it moving. I took a break, went to the bathrm and did jumping jacks,and prayed on my knees, when i came back I answered more questions and my computer shut off at about 140 or so. I was so nervous and sick after. I met my friend for lunch and was afraid to do the pearfson vue trick however my anticipation got the best of me so I checked b4 going to bed and got the good pop up.

    Tips on how to answer the questions: you must know your core material. answer each question by ABCs, its always life vs death. for instance airway vs circulation (of course its AIRWAY bc we can't live without it), theres always 2 aswers that are just wrong and 2 that are right so when it comes down to 2 questions always pick the KILLER answer (what's going to kill them 1st)

    know the nursing role.

    you got this. I hope this helps. Blessings to you.

    You must go in that exam with your head held high, Confident and full of knowledge

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    also know that if you get to question 265 you must answer the last question right in order to pass.

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    if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me

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    thank you for the advice.. i will pray for both of us and pray we both pass this time around. let us be fully focused and nail the exam.. good luck to you

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    thank you i will take your advice and put the last 2 exams out of mind.. i also deactivated my facebook and all apps like that for now.. trying to prepare and become full focused for the next 5 weeks and also pray lots and lots.

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    Hmmm...that's not exactly true. When your ability is very close to the passing standard, the computer continues to give you questions until the maximum number of items is reached. If you get the maximum number of questions, then the computer will look at the last 60 questions you answered. If your final "ability estimate" is consistently above the passing standard, then you pass the NCLEX (If you are "at" or "below" the passing standard on these last 60 questions, then you fail the exam).

    I recently wrote a blog about NCLEX Rumors - it's a quick read and contains some helpful information.

    You can also use this link to read more about computerized adaptive testing on the website.

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    Hi RN newgradOBlover,

    I just read your message and started praying for you right away. Pls contact me on

    Thank you for sharing your story to us. Your passing next time in Jesus name.  I really admire you and your tough and that position that they are holding for you at your job  is already yours.

    Maybe all you need to do this time is just a bit of review again but above all, pray and pray hard to God our father. For without him, it's not easy. Pray him and he will guide you. If you can read my testimony and read all those verses  in the bible everyday, I believe you will get very encouraged.

    Email to me. But I am praying for you and everyone who is taking this exam. God bless you always and he only want the best for you.  We all have a different day of our blessings and yours is coming soon.  Have faith and hope. Pray and pray hard everyday.

    I am excited for you. Can't wait to read your testimony soon.

    Wherever you are this moment, may God give you understanding, memory, concentration, determination, hope, faith and all the positive energy RN newgradOBlover...............yes you will pass this time. God bless you............

  • hey hi your story..feel that you are blessed to have ur dream job in your hands....let me tell you one thing scoring 63% isn't are almost close to your victory...i am a person who experienced the same thing jus like you...even i passed with all that nclex attempts. and the computer always took me ahead with d questions..alll that i had is many materials n didn knw to stick on to wat...but

    i found ncsbn kaplan helpful..n they r extremely u have difficulty in answering priority questions!!!if so practice some from pda too..that will help... and one more thing c wat s going wrong..what was it that made ur last 2 attempts in vain.. if you find it out that will help u d most... n last but not the least keep praying..i dunno what u believe in but do keep praying...n i will certainly pray for u to succeed this time..anyways keep going..u are on d way to success...god bless

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    Is that true? If you go all the way to 265 and answer the last question wrong you fail and if you answer it correctly you pass?

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    No, this is not true. Please see my September 23 post above.

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    I graduated in June 2012 and took the exam second time but was not successful at all.  Tried Kaplan, Hurst and Lippincott but to no success.  I even tried to local review given by RN.  I have received my third letter from Florda State Board of Nursing and taking my time to read my NCSBN course and practicing different questions as well.  I have until December to take it.  I am losing hope and confidence as I have taken this state board exam twice already.  Please anybody who can give me more information on how to pass.  

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    Dont worry God is with u .. u will pass :) pray hard

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    Just don't give up... I read your post and touch my heart because I graduated in the Philippines and until now I am still getting my NCLEX-RN... I BELIEVE THAT OUR TIME WILL COME.... JUST DONT GIVE UP... We are going to make it. :)

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    vbrown1977 I just took my exam yesterday and failed. I felt like I was guessing even though I did questions after questions and felt confident walking in. At one point while taking the exam nothing made sense to me and I just kept guessing the answers. Not sure why that happened but  I woke up this a.m. feeling pretty bad ; felt so bad and sorry for myself but after reading your advice I feel like I have new hope. Thank you for posting this and making me feel like I can do this. I can use all the support I can get at this point .