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Feeling extremely anxious, hopeless and stupid

I have failed my NCLEX RN exam twice and I have signed up for my exam the third time, but I don't know if I can do it. I am so heartbroken and mentally tired.

Failing my exams twice makes me feel incredibly stupid, and I do not know how I passed university and got a degree. I feel like giving up.  What makes a nurse? 

If I fail again, is it a sign that I should leave this profession all together? How can one person be confident when entering an exam, when they have previously failed it before.

Looking for advice and motivation.



  • I have failed the NCLEX RN twice also. My lifelong dream is to be an RN, I passed my LPN on the first try with 85 questions, but somehow, passing the RN exam is challenging to me. But I will say to you, keep going for it, dont give up on yourself.
  • You have to keep a positive mind no matter the outcome. seems crazy I know, but think back to Nursing school and how impossible it must have seen to juggle life and school and assignments and manage the curriculum to the standard the school set forth. think about all the hours of that, all the achievements you made despite how much life changed in that time period. but we did it, we made it through. NOW, the only hurdle left is this NCLEX. and you know its one test that you will never have to see again once you pass. and you will. DELAY DOES NOT MEAN DENIED AND DEFEAT!!! its only defeat when you ready to throw in the towel. and if you wasn't cut for this I'm pretty sure by the 3rd month of nursing school you would've known then that this wasn't for you. Keep the faith, try new study programs, stay positive and remember YOU MUST YOU WILL PASS NCLEX
  • Christa !!! noooooo! you sounds frustrating ,you are not stupid if you were you wouldn't have made it out of Nursing school. the NCLEX is a very hard test you just need to study and do lots of practice questions I think NCSBN is the best site since I am using it myself it gives you lectures quizzes then practice questions come one don't give up
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    Thank you! Good luck on your exam!
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    you will be ok! I also failed the test twice too and now I am using NCSBN please use it do the lectures don't rush through them and then take notes and do the quizzes you must read the rational so you know and understanding why this was the priority answer and the letter they sent you that said you failed it stated which subjects you were at the weakest so focus on them while still focusing on the ones you had highest percentage from