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Finally Passed!

I’m not writing this to rub it in others faces but to give you hope and confidence that you too can PASS the NCLEX! I know what it feels like to study hard and not pass the nclex. I graduated from my (BSN)nursing program four years ago, took the nclex twice shortly after graduating and failed, and was told in March 2018 that I had a year left to pass the nclex. I took it the first week in April and again failed. I decided to take the 5-week NCLEX-RN review coarse from NCSBN and studied all of May and just took the NCLEX for my 4th time on May 30th! My test shut off at 75 questions and I found out June 1st that I have finally passed! I know it gets discouraging to fail and see others around you pass- but this test is not impossible! I realized my problem was that I knew the content but didn’t know how to answer NCLEX style questions correctly! Don’t second guess yourself and don’t change your answer unless you read the question wrong. I would always talk myself out of the correct answer until taking this coarse and training my mind to stick with my gut feeling. I share my story and NCLEX journey because I want to give those who are struggling hope! Keep your head up- DON’T give up on yourself! You worked hard to become a nurse and it will pay off once you pass. I had to really dig deep and figure out what my weaknesses were and why I wasn’t passing. Again- trust yourself, you have to Believe that you will pass! Don’t listen to those who say if you don’t pass right out of school you won’t pass at all.. YOU know yourself better then anyone else. Stay determined and prove them wrong, you can do it!!!!

  • im glad to hear you passes. im studying for my pn exam and failed my last semester so had to wait a whole year to retake maternity. i feel like idk where to start with studying, what to focus on, and how to basically get a flow going. i feel like all this is new to me and have to relearn it. do you have any suggestions on how to know what i need to focus my studying on? because i feel like its so much with adverse reactions, signs and symptoms, especially with the select all that apply.
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    Hey! I'm sorry to hear you had to wait a year to retake maternity. Are you currently studying for your NCLEX-PN exam or are you still in school? I totally understand the overwhelming feeling when studying. One thing that really helped me answer select all that applies correctly was to answer it like it was a true or false question. If the options were completely true then select it. If part of the option is true but has something that doesn't sound right then most likely it's not correct. I used to struggle with select all that applies as well until I used the True/False approach. As far as how to focus your studying.... I wasn't quite sure the best way to do this either until I took the NCSBN NCLEX-RN review. It had a study schedule to follow daily so I was able to cover more material and still get in practice questions each day. Finding a balance between the two is crucial. You want to review material/content- but you ultimately need to practice answering questions correctly.
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    Yes I passed.... i feel like i have to review all med surg again... and the issue I have is that idk what I should focus on as far as do I just worry about the disease, s&s, and nursing process or everything in between also... cause I brought the saunders book but it seems like it's just powerpoints and leaves things out that I feel like should be included.... but is that me just wasting precious time over studying like I feel like I did while I was in school.... cause my teachers told me "I know to much" and I'm like if I do why is my grades low... and they said cause I look too much into the question cause I know so much about it I'm looking for something more advanced then just the basic answer they want.... it's either i over think the question or dont think enough about It like what the heck can I just find a balance already lol....