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I give up

I failed 6 times and I cant go on. I dont know what else to do.  Im not that smart to pass this test.

  • Don't give up!!! I am in the same boat as you. I graduated in 2013 and on my 9th try with taking the RN-NCLEX. I won't say its not frustrating or disappointing feeling, however you were meant to be a nurse just like me. I see my fellow classmates progressing in their nursing field, their success gives me strength I can do it too. I know it can be time consuming and costly. I have paid for more books, programs and listened to many YouTube channels about "how to pass and understand the RN-NCLEX. " You can do all things" as long as you keep the faith and pray, your time will come. We are meant to be NURSES!!! DON'T GIVE UP....We got this
  • Don't give up! You can do this. It takes tons of work but you finished nursing school, you can do this test! I would highly advice you to read/study the email that they sent you after you take the test. Look at it in a new perspective. You have to start from scratch, do comprehensive review of NCLEX, do tons of questions everyday and then go back to the review book to understand the rationale of each question. Put everything you got in this next go of taking the NCLEX. I would highly advice you to not book the NCLEX unless you gave around 3 months of reviewing, then book it so you have a couple of months more to do it. Make a schedule and stick to it. You can do it! When did you graduate from nursing school? If you graduated years ago, maybe a refresher course will help?
  • I too have failed the NCLEX 6 times. I'm doing this course now and I feel super confident that I will pass on my 7th try. I'm waiting to get my authorization to test so that I can do take it again. You only fail when you don't keep trying. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm Possible" :) PRAYER!!! it helps!
  • Dear friend. Your short posting recounting your struggles caught my eye, and I felt like reading about myself. I graduated from a very reputable nursing program in the Northeast, and was so happy and eager to pass the nclex and start my nursing career. I was a good student and I had always succeeded in achieving my academic goals. So It was almost a shock, when I repeatedly could not pass the nclex exam.
    I took time off from work to thoroughly review the material, and still could not pass. I sat for six hours for most of my sessions, going through 220-235 questions each time, and still failed. I reached a point where I really wanted to give up. But Then I asked myself what would I gain going that route? I did a four year program, and I studied very hard and sacrificed a lot to finish with good grades. If I gave up, then all those efforts would have been thrown to waste.
    Besides, I was aware that there were still many candidates trying to enter into nursing school. So I realized that despite my struggles, I was still ahead of those who were trying to follow on my footsteps. And I knew that sooner rather than later, I would pass the nclex. Another thing I realized was that all the failures had made me very knowledgeable about all the study materials. So all I needed to do, was focus on the few areas I felt I needed to increase my understanding. The last time I took it, I knew that I would pass on my way to the testing center. And when the computer shut down after a hundred and some questions, I felt that I passed. And indeed I iced it that time.
    All I am trying to say is that you have already invested so much into nursing. If you give up now, you would loose twice; your efforts and your dreams. Besides, be mindful that all you need is for it to go right just ONE TIME, and you are done. How long it might have take you would be so irrelevant. So keep trying, next time is probably your last time: PASS. GOOD LUCK!
  • Do not give up, I repeat do not give up, we are going to encourage each other, they told me don't give up and you are not, I graduated in 2003, I have taken the test 10 times, WE ARE GOING TO BE LICENSED TO PRACTICE NURSING, WE DESERVE THIS!!!!!!!!