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Omg!  I have read most of these testimonials and I feel like crying...AGAIN!  I can't understand why this has to be so hard!  I passed nursing school and knew I had one more hump which is the NCLEX.  I am so discouraged and frustrated, I honestly feel like I'm going to snap or go through some sort of depression.  I only took the test once, 265 questions and needless to say, i didn't pass.  Once I got to 150 questions, my brain literally tapped out.  I knew at that point that I wasn't going to pass.  Words got jumbled up, and I had no idea what I was reading, let alone comprehending.

I feel so deeply bad and sorry for the ones who have taken it multiple times.  I admire that you kept on going and didn't give up.  And I'm sure after so many times of taking it, the joy is depleted, and it's just a sigh of relief.   I don't want to be in that boat but it looks like that's where I'm headed.  And God knows I can't afford $200 a pop every time to take it over.  I had a job lined up in the hospital to work in the ED, and now I have to wait until the next cohort comes around.  I cry every single time I get a low score (doing UWORLD).  I just can't understand what I'm missing!!  I know for a fact that those SATA questions get me every time! And now, on UWORLD, and the NCLEX, ALL of them could be the right answer

When I got the result back of NOT PASSING, I sobbed and felt like giving up, but I keep telling myself, I'M NOT A QUITTER!  I read where I need to improve but it's hard to try and find the sub subjects on UWORLD.  I didn't get anything that was "below average". 1 section, Safety and Security I scored above average, but the rest were "near average".  Apparently, that wasn't good enough.  I thought this test was based on the "minimal knowledge" and it seems you have to know every freaking disease, med, adverse effect vs. side effect, expected outcome of disease for everything out there.  I don't see how its just for the newly graduated nurse.  More like you have to already have been in the field to know certain meds and what adverse and side effects are..I can go on and on..I need help and I'm hoping someone would read this and reach out.  This is the worse feeling ever.  It's like the light is there, but there's a 1% chance in reaching it.  I put my trust and faith in God, knowing it's all in his time, I just want to stop feeling like the biggest loser ever.  I know that "this too shall pass", but that's all I want is to pass.. I feel I've disappointed my family, friends and most importantly, myself.  I know that it's more so of embarrassment.  I feel like everything that I went through in Nursing school was for nothing, time wasted..there's people in my class that passed who aren't the sharpest tool in the shed (not like I am either but..), how is it that they passed, and i'm still sitting here with my thumb up my butt?!  I have been studying and preparing to take test for the pass 2 1/2 years, my brain is fried!  The stress is unbelievable

I absolutely have to pass this second time around, I feel like i'm putting more money into TRYING TO PASS THE TEST, than actually benefiting from learning the material.  I honestly believe I need a one on one tutor. BTW, I looked at the thing, and the price on that is astronomical!! Unless your taking the test for me, I will never pay that amount in "hopes" that I pass..I can't..

Anywho, thank you to this site where I have gotten the opportunity to vent.  I apologize for the words in caps, not yelling at the reader, just yelling in my head at myself..

I am pleading for someone to help me..

#lostconfused #notworthy

  • I'm sorry that you are feeling this way.
    take in a deep breathe and exhale slowly, relax. take a week or two off studying and relax. laugh , smile , play, watch movies, go out.
    you can face nclex a second time, and you can pass .
    have you registered for ncsbn tutorials? if so consider doing the post test , it should give you a pretty good idea of you deficiencies. or use evolve pretest. with that , you get a reading time table for your deficient areas.
    You can do it, yes you can.
    We can!!
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    Hello ovigwe1. Thank you for your reply. It was nice to hear from someone. I'm so fixated on this, I only took a 2 or 3 days off from studying. And it was a struggle to do that because I feel like I'm being a "slacker". My test was on April 4th and it seems like it was last month sometime. It's only been 2 weeks.
    I have a bday coming up this month, so I think I'm going to just really try and enjoy it since its on the weekend. I haven't really checked out ncsbn tutorials, but I will check it out since you recommend it and also the evolve pretest.

    How are you doing and how is studying going for you? It seems as if you're awaiting to take your exam also..

    And Yes! I'm claiming it. We can do it!

    Thanx for reaching out
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    Sorry for the late response.
    * Ncsbn pretest and Evolve pretest.
    Yes, I’m also waiting to write the NCLEX but awaiting CGFNS ( international Nurse))
    I can tell you I’m pretty good at what I do ( graduated 2008 ) but the NCLEX questions can be quite daunting .
    Let’s keep faith.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
    Have a greater week ahead!
  • Im sorry that youre going through this and I am going through the same thing except i waited a little longer to take mines because i was discouraged and all of the above but still in all i refuse to give up. I am looking for a tutor a study partner or someone of some sort to go over information with and help with answering questions. Remain positive and believe and soon we will achieve our goal as a RN
  • Hello:

    Don't be worry. I took the NCLEX recently, and I did not pass it neither, It was 265 question like your test.
    Don't give up. I am going to continue, My path has been with a lot of struggles but I love the profession, and I want to fight to become a nurse again.
    I had to learn English because my native language is not it, and then I decided to take after 2 1/2 year, I am not younger but the most important is focus in what you want.
    In Spanish: no es las veces que caes, sino como saberse levantar, in English (it is not the time that you fall, instead know how stand up).
    Anyway, I am going to get ready again, study, study, study.
    If you want to share any subject with me through the web page, It will be fine to me.
    You can do!!!!
  • I can totally get where you are coming from, the guilt, the shame, and seeing everyone else pass. I graduated in December of 2018 and have taken the NCLEX-RN twice with no success. The first time was a fail in 184 questions the second was all 265. The first time around I was one of the last few of my friends to take the exam, I went in feeling confident, great, and slightly nervous, all to find out that I failed. I feel like I rushed through the exam just to be done with it. I was so upset and disappointed in myself I feel like I had let everyone down not just myself. After the initial upset and disappointment of failing I looked at it as it was a time that I was able to go see family and spend time with loved ones. (I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason) The second time around I feel like I put more time into studying and doing practice question than I did the first time. When it came taking it a second time I went in with my held high and knowing that I had a fresh start, no one there knew I was taking it for a second time besides myself. I went in knowing that I needed to slow down and take breaks, I think I took a total of 6 breaks during this exam. I would go outside and just sit for a few minutes and have some water. When I was done with the exam I felt better about it and was hoping and praying that I had passed this time, the next morning I woke up to FAIL yet again. Again, I was so upset and in disbelief, how could I fail for a second time?!? Fast forward to today April 30th , my next exam scheduled for just 2 weeks away. I am nervous but have been doing the NCBSN review for 2 weeks now and hoping that this time around that I get a PASS. Long story short keep your head held high and know that you know everything that is needed to pass this exam you just have to find what works for you. Best of luck!!
  • Hi!!! don't give up!!! I'm studying again for the exam!! I understand your frustrations. I too looked for a tutor and yes I agree, too expensive!!! what state do you live in? Maybe we can study together
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    where do you go to do the NCBSN questions?
  • Hi, did you register for the NCSBN course? Please don't give up!!! relax and re focus. You can do this
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    hello, hi, I have a question where do I get the " evolve pretest" because as of right now I am only using NCSBN
  • In reply to alvarez33: then create an account then go to students and then click on NCLEX RN or PN review whichever one you're going for then you can pay they give you lectures and quizzes and post test I really like NCSBN better than the other site I've used and pretty sure you'll like it too good to you!
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    when u buy any of the ELSEVIER textbooks, you get the EVOLVE STUDY RESOURCES free.e.g Saunders strategies for success or Saunders Comprehensive Review
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    Hi Jennafermjones. I'm sorry that it went downhill for you again. I thank you for the words of encouragement, as I encourage you also. I pray that it works out for you the 3rd time around. "Lean not on your own understanding"..HE will do it for you! I am a couple weeks out myself and I'm praying for the best. I wish you the best! We got this!
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    Hi ovigwe1. It's almost a month later since I've been on here to post. No secret of what I've been doing since then. lol I'm in better spirits but as you say, the NCLEX questions "are quite daunting". I'm about 2 weeks out from taking it again and I'm praying for the best. I will let you know the outcome either way. Have a great week and we'll talk soon :)