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Discouraged! :-( 8th time

Taking my exam for the 8th time this week and I don't feel ready at all. I've graduated nursing school in 2013 so I know its all content and test strategies that's hindering me. I did take the exam as soon as I graduated and still failed.  I don't know how many times I completed the NCSBN( Its required for my state to do this site to retake the RN to show proof that I remediated), I did Kaplan 3 times with my school in 2011 through 2013, I did Saunders, private tutor that cost me just as much as the nclex, worked with my department head of nursing one and one, borrowed someone's ATI ( My school used HESI instead of ATI) and Lippincott Passpoint. Currently, I am using this site again just for the practice questions and Lippincott Passpoint as a predictor. On my phone, I have the NCSBN medication flashcards and the ATI App that I use. I am a Christian and currently, I am losing sight of Him and slacking spiritually. Prayer life is down.

How would I know that I am ready?

Did anyone pass the nclex-rn with doing horrible on NCSBN practice questions?

I am thinking about rescheduling for the 3rd time. The first time I scheduled after being state approved to sit was Nov.30th and then moved it to this week and now I am thinking about moving it to the 27th. Discouraged. need some guidance.


Thank you

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    Just keep trying. I think I'm going to try again for the last time and if I'munsuccessful, I'm going to seek another career. Best wishes to you. I thought NCSBN helped me to get near passing results on every area and up to 265 questions.
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    well it is awful to feel this way but I test next week and hoping for positive results this time. I have done all I know to do because I have a load of loans for a career I am unable to practice in and on a positive note I will be victorious this time. #fingerscrossed Long overdue