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I passed!!!!

I graduated in May of 2015. I first attempted my boards in August of 2015 and failed with 265 questions. I tried again in September of 2015 and failed again with 167 questions. I took a break and tried again in February of 2016. I was again unsuccessful with 265 questions. I was put into a position this fall that I was able to try again. I used only this website for the 5 week course. I did't get to finish all of the practice questions so I purchased the 3 week course. I only needed it for a couple of days so that I could finish all of the practice questions. I am VERY happy to report that I took the NCLEX yesterday and found out this morning that I passed with 75 questions!!!!! I hadn't even touched a book or did any practice questions in a year and a half! If I can do it, so can you!!!!!

  • Hey!!!First of all many congrats to you!!! I have few questions for you, how did you study with the NCSBN COURSE. Did you take notes? I registered for the 5 week course first, then didn't finish. Now i am doing the 8 week course, but falling behind. Its a lot of informtion. Any tips or suggestions on how do i stay focused, sometimes they are soooooo long, i lose concentration. Thank you.
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    I actually only read the material. I did all if the practice questions at the end of each section. I would do them until I got 100% without looking at the correct answers. I spent may last week doing nothing but the practice questions. I literally spent HOURS doing them. I scheduled my test right after my class was over, but ended up getting the 3 week course just so I could do the practice questions.
    I also have trouble focusing for an extended period of time. I have a fitbit that would tell me when to move. I set the timer on it to make me get up every hour for about 10 mins. When I would sit back down I was able to refocus. I just kept it in my mind that I wasn't going to fail again. If you have tested before and failed, go to a different testing center. I made the mistake of going to the same one 3 times so I was already in an anxious state thinking I would fail again. I applied all of the relaxation techniques that they give you and they work!
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    Hey! you just have to read every day, at least 6 hours or more in a day and always try to remember before continuing. I purchased the 3 weeks, i couldn't finished and purchased another 3 weeks and am almost done. Good luck in your studies.