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PASSED NCLEX 1st attempt after 13 years out of School to God be the glory

First of all let me thank God for making me pass the exam. I took the exam on 24th October 2017 and just checked the quick results this morning and its a PASS! I'm so happy, I'm a foreign educated nurse who graduated 13 years ago. I have a full time job, married and a mother of 3. I bought NCSBN Learning extension 5 weeks review,I followed the study plan It really helped with reviewing the content, its comprehensive and easy to understand the questions at the end of each chapter and rationales also great. To practice for SATA I used Uworld and also listened to Mark Klimek tapes.

All in all the Nclex review from Learning extension helped a lot and it was affordable. Thank you God and thank you Learning extension!

To all the candidates out there, it's possible, you need to believe in yourself, work hard and pray. All the best.

  • You have greatly inspired me to take the NCLEX after 10 years from school, thank you very much.
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    WOW! Congrats! I'm praying and striving harder to make it, too.
  • I finished with NCLEX review course and got my certificate. Now i am doing the practice questions. should I take my exam right after practice questions or wait two more weeks to do more practice questions? Advice please
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    Hello pahm_s, praying for you, keep working hard and pray you will make it
  • This Inspires me! I am a foreign educated Nursing grad 10 yrs ago. I have full time job married and a mother of 2. It was very hard for me coz my 2nd is a newborn. Any tips on how you managed your time? I hope , I work and I pray that I could pass it too! Thank you for sharing your NCLEX journey. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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    I am so, so happy for you. I have been out longer and I have put the Lord God first and will take your advice. You are a great inspiration and show that we should always pray and never give up on our dreams of passing the NCLEX. You have restored my confidence. Thank you
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    Hi Audrey thanks. On my work days my kids go to bed by 8.30pm after which I would dedicate at least 2 hrs - 3hrs to study. During the weekend give my family full attention during the day play with the kids go out then in the evening once they go to bed 3-4hrs of study, . It wasn't easy it requires a lot of discipline and sacrifice. I would also exercise for an hour in the morning on a daily basis to ensure my mind remains sharp. Sundays go to church and no study at all to rejuvenate. It worked for me but you must try to find out what will work for you especially if you have a newborn as their sleep pattern varies, above all I prayed. All the best, believe in yourself you can do this!
  • congratulations ... I hope I can make it too..
  • congratulations ... I hope I can make it too..
  • congrats... hope I can make it too...
  • Can I ask how you studied the content? I graduated three years ago and failed three times. I will take any helpful hints you have to study the material!