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Passed on Second Attempt!

Found out this past week that I PASSED the NCLEX-RN! So beyond excited to start my career as an acute care Med-Surg nurse!

I did it all wrong the first time. I focused on finding a job, and put studying second. I was so excited to accept an offer the week I graduated, that I got swept away with the summer and didn't prioritize the way I should have! On top of that, I showed up to the testing site 20 minutes after testing began (I had planned on arriving 30 minutes early, but traffic decided to make the trip almost two hours)! I had never been to the testing site before, so I was running from building to building trying to find the right office. This second time, I came 2.5 hours early... I do not recommend this. I was tired and bored before I began, but I was ready!

I took NCLEX the first time three weeks after I graduated. In those three weeks, I moved home from out of state, had two job interviews, and enjoyed more than a few HH's. My school used PassPoint and a friend recommended Saunders. I liked PassPoint, but had over utilized it during school that I had mostly repeat questions. Saunders was amazing for content review, but because of the amount of time I was spending of studying, I didn't get a chance to work through the book like I did my second time. I was studying about 3-4 hours per day, 4-5 days per week. This wasn't very committed studying, and I had a lot of catch up with content review to do.

I left the test thinking I passed, and was so disappointed in myself. As soon as I found out, I contacted my state's BON, got my ATT, and scheduled my next test 46 days from the first attempt. I took studying on as a full time job. A professor of mine recommended NCSBN for their NCLEX style question bank. I bought the 3 week subscription and that was enough time for me to skim the content review they provide and take 3/4 of the practice questions. I also used my Saunders book for additional questions. I got to studying right away, 7-9 hours a day, 5-6 days per week except for a few days off the week before the test. 

I failed at 265 last time, and passed at 265 this time!! Thank you NCSBN!

My advice for any second time around-er's: Come up with and stick to a study plan. Stay focused and positive! I found it helpful to stay off social media that first week, because as happy as I was for my friends and peers to announce their passing the NCLEX, it just added to my anxiety! Diversify how you study (videos, flashcards, etc.) and remember that you have PASSED nursing school, and you are READY to practice!