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GOD 1st! Then NCSBN...Passed on my 7th try!!!

I have to give God all the praise!!! I am Samantha BSN-RN!!! Finally after the 7th try!!! Let me just start off by saying that if it wasn't for God I wouldn't have passed that test. So let me share my testimony with you everyone!!!! I graduated in December. 2013 and I went to an excellent school, so for me content was not an issue. My school, paid for us to do Hurst review as a trial, and we had Kaplan included in our tuition, so I had more than enough material...However, those reviews didn't work for me. 1st time I failed at 121, 2nd time 151, 3rd time in Florida 265...FAILED. When I say I was crushed, I was crushed. I was so sad and dead in my spirit because in Florida after 3 times you have to take a remediation course and let me tell you....they start at about $1,000.00. I completed that remediation course by the grace of God and I had my three chances again. So here I was ready to take the NCLEX again and I FAILED. 4th time 265, 5th time 265, 6th time 265. I was ready to just give up. Every time I got my results in the mail it said near passing and above passing. What was I doing wrong? At this point, I was not going to pay for another remediation course (couldn't afford it), so I took the advice of my friends and applied for another state and I said to myself," THIS IS IT". I'm a mother of 3 kids,24 years old, I'm smart, AND I serve and awesome GOD, I WILL NOT IN JESUS NAME TAKE THIS TEST AGAIN. My issue wasn't content it was simply just understanding what they were asking me. So I purchased NCSBN 5 week course and when I say I followed there schedule to the T, I did. I was scoring about 70% and up, but I made sure to read the rationales for every question. I even did the exercises in the rejuvenation station at the library...I was that Everyday before I studied, I prayed before and after, did my daily devotional and I started to thank God in advance for the passing already. The weekend of the exam I was very relaxed, I didn't study and on Monday morning, I got up, drove to the testing center with an exciting spirit and I was ready to PASS! Before I got out of the car, I prayed and just asked God to give me strength and that I didn't want to take 265 questions again and I didn't want a lot of Select all that apply and just to design the test just for me. When I sat down, for some reason the test seemed so easy. I clicked and moved clicked and moved. By the time I got to number 75 I started to feel scared but I said "Sam you got this, God has you". I clicked...76....77..and all I know is the computer shut off and IMMEDIATELY my eyes filled with water and I just started thanking Jesus repeatedly and when I left the testing center, I started running to my car, I couldn't stop crying because it was such a blessing, a relief, freedom, broken chains, no weapon against me!!! I knew in my heart that I had passed. I had to wait 48hrs, but in the mist, I kept thanking him. This morning my friend paid the quick results and it said PASS!!!!!!! And I just want to say to anyone out there struggling with the test....ITS JUST A TEST, THAT YOU WILL PASS, IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND IN HIM....if there's any questions or anything please feel free to comment. Thank you NCSBN.. Thank you Lord!!!

  • That's great news!  Congratulations!

  • What do you suggest to help with Pharmacology or should NCSBN be enough??

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    Flaschcards. Go to Google and type in NCSBN flashcards and they have them done already for you. There's about 61 cards and I probably added 4 or 5 cards. Do them at least twice a day & quiz yourself! You got this!

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    Here's a direct link to our webpage with information about our mobile Medication Flashcards app:

    Or you can go directly to iTunes to download NCSBN Learning Extension's mobile Medication Flashcards app.

  • This is awesome. This is seriously like my story except I have not passed yet. I will be taking my nclex for the 7th time when I decide to go again. All times except one I have gotten all 265 and all of the sheets get sent to me saying near the passing rate for all of the them. How is this fair?

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    Trust me I know it feels like its not fair, but when you pass it will feel amazing. Its for something greater. You will pass, you just have to believe it. Try not to think to hard into it,if it seems to easy its right! Always pray before and after, and ask God to show you the bigger picture and trust in him. My mom passed on her 7th try, the smartest people I know fail that exam, but you've worked to hard to let this test defeat you. Once you pass your going to be a testimony to someone else. Just don't stop trying.

  • Amazing spirit you have !!

  • Thanks Sam, you should see tears running down my cheeks. Indeed! we serve a living God. I personally believe God had his own plans for you. Congtrats and continue to believe in Him. Your post has removed all my fears and doubts.

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    Sam your story is truly inspiring I have been out of school since 2010 and failed 3 times i have totally lost faith in me or anything at this point Im considering doing the remediation course but have no lie which one to do Im just so scared i live in Fort Lauderdale do you recommend one? My friend also suggested testing in another state but what state would I test in how does that wok? please help me please Im desperate single mother with 2 girls that I want to look up to me and not see me as a failure as I see myself already

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    Don't lose faith my friend. Faith, Study, and Prayer is what is going to get your through that exam. Your only a failure if you give up. If you really want something you have to keep it at. If you see yourself as a failure already then every time you go to tale it you will fail. Honestly don't do the remediation course. I did it because at the time, I just wanted to hurry up and pass and after words I wanted a refund. It's honestly something Florida does to just make money. I spent 7 days at a nursing home for 12 hours and the online portion was a saunders/evole book. The course came up to $1,700.00, and I met great people but the course just increased my confidence. The only good thing I got out of the course was meeting a wonderful woman and her and I are such good friends until this day. She passed on her 4th try! I suggest you test in another state also, because financially its easier, and then you can endorse the license to Florida. 

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    I am so happy for you.. I took third attempt it took me to 235 questions and I got the bad pop up.. I have been used Hurst, Kaplan< NCBSN, Saunders... I am exhausted what to do for my fourth attempt.. I give you the credits for not giving up and reaching your dreams... I need help... what should I do :(

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    Thank you, I studied my heart out lol. All of those reviews are good, its just that everyone learns different, but I'm Pro NCSBN!  What did your report say? Are you near passing in all areas? Definitely give your self sometime off mentally and pray and when you feel ready you start again. You will pass, but you can't give up. I'm bet you've worked really hard. If you need help I'll be more than happy to help. The issue with NCLEX is the language of the test, but you must understand your content and be able to apply it. Something's I got on the exam, were not on NCSBN but I had to think the worst and just really dumb it down..don't over think it.

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    I took the NCLEX today for third time.. I didn't get the report yet.. I was getting similar questions multiple times which is was kind of weird??? Maybe I was getting them bad.. I read Saunders, I listened to Hurst videos online multiple times.. My boy friend who is a doctor was able to sit with me explain the anatomy and contents... I have used Kaplan twice.. I have used Davis app for priority and SATA... I have worked so hard I have a  job waiting for me.. my co workers are waiting for me to pass. I am just overwhelmed.... I did NCBSN questions twice for 8 weeks I was scoring 70% and above... :(

  • Thank you sooo much for sharing your NCLEX journey.  I will be taking my NCLEX-PN for the first time next month.  I was referred to this site from a friend who also passed on her first using NCSBN. I'm currently doing the 5wk course, and I love the whole setup it gives, very informative!!