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GOD 1st! Then NCSBN...Passed on my 7th try!!!

I have to give God all the praise!!! I am Samantha BSN-RN!!! Finally after the 7th try!!! Let me just start off by saying that if it wasn't for God I wouldn't have passed that test. So let me share my testimony with you everyone!!!! I graduated in December. 2013 and I went to an excellent school, so for me content was not an issue. My school, paid for us to do Hurst review as a trial, and we had Kaplan included in our tuition, so I had more than enough material...However, those reviews didn't work for me. 1st time I failed at 121, 2nd time 151, 3rd time in Florida 265...FAILED. When I say I was crushed, I was crushed. I was so sad and dead in my spirit because in Florida after 3 times you have to take a remediation course and let me tell you....they start at about $1,000.00. I completed that remediation course by the grace of God and I had my three chances again. So here I was ready to take the NCLEX again and I FAILED. 4th time 265, 5th time 265, 6th time 265. I was ready to just give up. Every time I got my results in the mail it said near passing and above passing. What was I doing wrong? At this point, I was not going to pay for another remediation course (couldn't afford it), so I took the advice of my friends and applied for another state and I said to myself," THIS IS IT". I'm a mother of 3 kids,24 years old, I'm smart, AND I serve and awesome GOD, I WILL NOT IN JESUS NAME TAKE THIS TEST AGAIN. My issue wasn't content it was simply just understanding what they were asking me. So I purchased NCSBN 5 week course and when I say I followed there schedule to the T, I did. I was scoring about 70% and up, but I made sure to read the rationales for every question. I even did the exercises in the rejuvenation station at the library...I was that Everyday before I studied, I prayed before and after, did my daily devotional and I started to thank God in advance for the passing already. The weekend of the exam I was very relaxed, I didn't study and on Monday morning, I got up, drove to the testing center with an exciting spirit and I was ready to PASS! Before I got out of the car, I prayed and just asked God to give me strength and that I didn't want to take 265 questions again and I didn't want a lot of Select all that apply and just to design the test just for me. When I sat down, for some reason the test seemed so easy. I clicked and moved clicked and moved. By the time I got to number 75 I started to feel scared but I said "Sam you got this, God has you". I clicked...76....77..and all I know is the computer shut off and IMMEDIATELY my eyes filled with water and I just started thanking Jesus repeatedly and when I left the testing center, I started running to my car, I couldn't stop crying because it was such a blessing, a relief, freedom, broken chains, no weapon against me!!! I knew in my heart that I had passed. I had to wait 48hrs, but in the mist, I kept thanking him. This morning my friend paid the quick results and it said PASS!!!!!!! And I just want to say to anyone out there struggling with the test....ITS JUST A TEST, THAT YOU WILL PASS, IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND IN HIM....if there's any questions or anything please feel free to comment. Thank you NCSBN.. Thank you Lord!!!

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    Sam, congratulations and thanking you so much for sharing your testimony.  I try to read one at least once a day and yours just popped up.  I have a fear of SATA questions i dont know why.  How many did you get? I have been praying and fasting and I know this is it.  I could tell while reading your testimony your emotions.  I love this review too.  I am gonna run out of time here in a couple of days but I plan on doing the 3 weeks so that I can finish the content and just spend time doing questions.  I am feeling more confident in answering the questions.  You are right I need to just leave it up to him.  He knows my path.  

  • Congratulations!  God is really good!  Did you have a lot of Select All That Apply questions?  Do you remember what they were?

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    saniyah34, GOD have had you come this far to inspire those who could not inspire themselves!!!!!! I thank you for sharing your story. I'm on my 3rd attempt and too say I'm not giving up but then you go thru that stage when you say "I just can't do this anymore", well I do, and when I do I always run into a story. I've been on this site sometimes several times a day and I am just seeing your story as I started to feel "I can't do this again"!!!!! I pray and pray and pray and I know he has a reason for everything we just have to be strong enough to endure the storm he's taking us through. Once again Thank you for sharing your story!!!

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    WOW!!! What an inspirational story. I'm  a 3rd time test taker and too had felt like giving up hope and everything else. I tell myself all the "GOD didn't bring you this far to leave you". Sometimes I feel hopeless and sometimes I feel like I GOT THIS! I'm sure you've gone through every grieving stage several times over and I APPLAUD you for having the strength and encouragement to push us all. Thanks for the story! Just as Im in my "I cant do this again mode" I see this story for the 1st time and I'm on here sometimes twice a day and have never seen it!!! So once again THANK YOU and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  • I'm in the same boat. You took the test in a different state.
  • I failed 4 times and feel like a failure, I hate nursing right now. I want to move on and find something else to do with my life. I am 36 and have a husband and 2 kids, I feel like I have let them down and am taking money out of their mouth for me to just fail again and again.
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    Its okay to feel a sense of disappointment but you have to move on. Don’t hate nursing right. It’s a test designed to see if your safe enough to practice,so there’s probably a few things you have to master. Working is another monster. Nurses get bullied and do all kinds of terrible stuff. We need nurses like yourself who care to make a difference. You’ve came this far you’re going to pass. I’m sure you have compassion for others and as a mother you know your kids are looking up to you and quitting is not an option. It doesn’t matter if your 36. Everyday you wake up you have another chance. Please don’t give up. If you quit you will always regret it. For me I lacked confidence, and let me tell you can be the smartest person in the world and a terrible nurse. You want to be confident and safe. Take the rest of the day to relax and when you get ready to study don’t share it with anyone, have faith, study, and pass. You’ve seen the test you know what to expect. I’ll be praying for your success, but YOU have to believe.
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    I did take it for another state but I know some people that took it in Florida multiple times and passed.
  • GIIIIRRRRRRRLLLLLLL!!!!! Thank you soooooooooo much for that testimony. I take my exam for the 8th time on Wednesday and I'm currently asking God if Wednesday is the day or should I reschedule. I too graduated in 2013, I too had Kaplan paid for and I too was ready to give up. I never got up to 265 and always had near and below passing in certain areas. I did this review every time I took the exam because its required in my state to take a review course prior to reapplying and I did this review again 3 weeks ago. Ive been doing my devotionals and praying, maybe not hard enough because I haven't heard anything from God however, I do believe it was Him that led me to your testimony. I am beyond scared but I have to put away the fear and like you did, let God move in and handle things.

    How did you know that you were ready? Did you use any other resources because right now I am using Lippincott Passpoint after my NCSBN subscription expired? How did you improve on knowing what the question is asking? I still believe that content maybe it for me. I don't know.

    I pray that I will come out a winner through Christ Jesus. CONGRATULATIONS and thank you so much for your encouragement. You have really inspired me. You will be in my thoughts all this week.
  • WOW! This is awesome! You are so strong... Did not give up. God always perfect all that concerns His children. Congrats
  • Currently, that the road I am taking. just believe in HIM and myself. My test date is around the corner and I am just doing NCSBN and leave it in the hands of The Most High God cause has kept me and will never let me go. I took my test in 2012 and got discouraged and I never attempt to test until now. While answer the question I am getting 69- 90 on the pretest. Now I doing the actual review and I am trying to stick to protocol as NCSBN schedule and see what happens test day. I have to read upon content though so I will be paying close attention to the part where I am shaky on.

    Thank You for you inspirational testimony. I just No My Redeemer Lives and He is going to carry me through.
  • I hope you know that I too have failed my exam 6 times. I came across your story on line a few weeks ago and it inspired me to try again and do this course. I have been praying every day and GOD has been confirming things to me that I believe I WILL PASS this NCLEX on the 7th try just like you did. I love the prayer you did. I have been praying to GOD just like that. I pray that he makes this test just for me. I know I will be on here writing my testimony as well as soon as I pass. I do not have a date yet, but I will keep you guys posted. I believe everything is in GODS timing. Congratulations!
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    Yes please keep me posted! I’ll be praying for you as well! Don’t give up