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I Passed RN NCLEX on 1st Try with 75 questions ( 28 SATA)!

First of all, I would like to give all praise and glory to God who is the ultimate reason I passed my RN exam on the first try with 75 questions, 28 of which was select all that apply. Through much prayer, faith, and by the help of the good Lord I am an RN! I also would like to thank NCSBN for the great review course that was helpful in me passing. I purchased the 3 week course and didn't complete all the content and questions due to my busy schedule. So I purchased another 3 week course a week before my exam so I could do the practice questions. I will say that during the exam I was very nervous and at times wanted to cry but I didn't, due to the abundance of SATA questions I was receiving. I even left the testing center after the exam was over feeling like I didn't know if I passed or not! When reviewing for the exam the SATA practice questions where the questions I had the biggest problem with. Nevertheless, God helped me to conquer them and be victorious on the NCLEX exam. What I found to be helpful when answering NCLEX SATA questions is to look at each answer choice as either true or false in relation to the question that is asked. In addition, when answering NCLEX  questions remember Maslow's hierarchy, ABC's, and the nursing process it can really help you answer some questions right on the exam. Furthermore, focus on one question at a time, the one that is presented to you. Don't over think questions or read more into a question than is asked. Lastly, study, spend a little more time on your weak areas, do practice questions, and read the rationales carefully. Good luck to everyone! Have faith! Pray and trust God!

  • hi how much percent you are geeting in question practices

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    Hi, on average I mainly scored in the mid 60s -  to high 70s on the practice questions. However, a few  times I did score in the 50s and 80s. NCSBN is a very good review course. God blessed me to pass my RN exam and you can do it too!  Don't second guess yourself and know the content, do practice questions and read the rationales carefully. Good luck to you.

  • Congrats !!!!  I feel you on that one. Yesterday was my first time taking the nclex, and I had 70 select all that apply and 5 abcd type questions. They raised the bar high on me. I guess it is because I kept getting them right. they posted my license today, so I passed. My instructors said they were not surprised that they throw me hard questions since I graduated nursing school with 4.0  and English being my second language. I first learning English in 2007. Congrats to both of us.

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    WOW! CONGRATS to you!!! I never heard of anyone having 70 select all that apply with only 75 questions. I think any test with over 20 select all that apply with only 75 questions is ALOT! I didn't have any med math either the bulk of my exam was select all that apply and prioritization type questions. I give all praise to God because he truly blessed me to pass my exam. Congrats again and good luck to you!

  • Congratulations, awesome news. Thanks for sharing your experience. I will take my NCLEX exam in a couple of weeks and now, I feel more hopeful.

  • Congrats RN :).  I would like to ask how you did the SATA? usually there will have 5,6 or more answer choices for SATA, so usually HOW MANY answers that you picked to be considered as enough (based on what we think, bc we all dunt know sure the answer for SATA).  Waiting for your reply and again, Congrats

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    Thanks! By the help of God I was able to pass my RN NCLEX exam. Most of the SATA questions that I encountered did have 5 or 6 answer choices. However, there may be anywhere between 2-5 right answers. Some key things to do to help with the SATA questions is to study well and be familiar with the content because there could be one word that can be thrown into the answer choice that would make selecting that answer wrong. Also, when you read each answer choice view it as either true or false in relation to the question asked.  So don't panic if a  SATA questions only have 2 right answers out of 6 choices or 5 right answers out of 6 choices. If you are familiar with the content you will be able to rule out the choices that don't belong. Study content, do practice questions, read the rationales carefully, and spend a little more time on your weak areas. May God bless you. Good luck to you.

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    Thanks! May God bless you. Good luck to you.

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    Congratulations! I like your faith and that encourages me and teaches me that I can do it. I am taking NCLEX in a couple of weeks and I am trust God for success. I am doing the 3 weeks plan and I think I am on track. Will come here to post my own success story. Amen!

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    gee..brag much?