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Passed 2nd time..

I'm a foreign educated nurse.. I graduated 2006.. on my first try I did not heard about ncsbn learning extension.but a friend of mine encouraged me to enroll on this review course.. the first week was a bit hard for me.. because I have a full time job..and did not have enough time to study..but I tried hard and put loads of discipline for myself to studying and refresh everything from what I've learned in nursing school almost 10 yrs ago. Having faith and prayers is also the one that helped me get through this. There are times that I have not notice that I have been sitting on my chair for long hours during my day off. Did my intensive review on my two days off. Do 100 questions or more everyday. Ncsbn review course was a huge helped for me on answering questions and the course itself are simple yet very informative and easy to understand. Until 3 days before my test I read ncsbn.. On May 2016 I passed on my 2nd try in taking nclex with 265 questions. That was the greatest feeling when I found out my result. PASSED..TO GOD BE THE GLORY..Now I can finally call myself as a US Registered nurse. I can write my signature at work with RN on the last part...

To all those aspiring nurses.. don't lose hope and never give up...have faith/confidence in  yourself.."success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, and sacrifice"-pele