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HELLO EVERYONE!!! I dont know how to start this but here goeS...

I'll first give you guys a little idea of how the NCLEX-RN Exam is perceived in Ph. For us PhRNs, If you are a NCLEX Passer you must be something. When I MEAN SOMETHING- YOU ARE CONSIDERED VERY BRIGHT OR A GENIUS! Hence, the Pressure of taking this exam is very high especially when you got it the first time for it is considered as the most difficult Exam in the Nursing Profession. SO, to cut the long intro short,NCLEX is a BIG SHOT in Ph.


I did not know that this review material exist. I was actually using SAUNDERS(the popular NCLEX review material in Ph) the whole time since I started preparing for NCLEX. I was okay with it and doing quite well in its questionnaires. Halfway through my Saunders Comprehensive review, a colleague suggested this review material. She said that this would equip me with the right strategies to use during NCLEX exam as it would also hone my skills how i would kill those killer questions(our term for critical thinking questions). So, with I-ALREADY-STARTED-SAUNDERS-REVIEW in mind, I decided to finish the entire compre book then i would purchase the 3-week study plan of NCSBN focusing only with the Practice questions. I believe it was more or less 1500 questions including all the pre and post tests. Guess what? I managed to finish everything two days before the test.

RE: remembering the exam day

Today, I am in awe of this review since this has helped me PASS the mind boggling and nerve-racking NCLEX-RN exam last Thursday, August 11,2016. Remembering the scene after the exam, I was actually devastated coz I thought I failed. The computer was throwing a lot of SATA questions. I could not even remember how many SATA's there was coz ANXIETY was creeping inside of me. All I did was to breath in and out. I told myself that I need to oxygenate my Nuerons for it to work and do magic. I was also saying the mantra "Lord please Lead me to the right answer"  right before I click my answer to every question thrown at me. And thank God, it did work. God is so good. When I reached question 150, I suddenly got the feeling that the I'll finish the entire 265 questions but i didnt loose hope, I took it positively and imagined that Im just near the passing line, that the computer is challenging me, that its giving me the chance to PASS take note! TO PASS!!!! for failure was not in my vocabulary. I told myself that im not going to back down. That I can surpass this. I tried to answer with all my might, remembering everything that I could remember. And after item 265, the computer screen said Thank you for time. I bowed down, said to myself ITS OKAY, YOU DID YOUR BEST and God will do the rest, took me several minutes to answer the survey then ambivalently raised my hand and walked slowly outside the testing room with the test administrator.


I  am sharing my story as a shout out to those who'll be taking the test to never back down even if its getting harder and harder. REMEMBER that nothing in this world is worthwhile that comes easy. God rewards those who persevere and have faith. THANK YOU VERY MUCH NCSBN. YOU ARE THE INSTRUMENT TO MY SUCCESS. I and my colleague will continue to share our experience with NCSBN review to our colleagues back home who is currently preparing for NCLEX. By the way, I have to mention here that my colleague who suggested NCSBN review also PASSED the NCLEX_RN @ 75 questions last February, she's also a first timer like me and used this review maaterial. To the future USRN's, GOODLUCK And Keep The Faith!