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After 3 years! I am finally an RN!

I graduated from a non-accredited school in May of 2013 and with many set backs I attempted to take my boards. I failed the first time due to high test anxiety and got out of the test center as soon as possible. I got very discouraged and waiting until February of 2016 to try again. This time I thought I was pretty ready and took all 265 questions and again failed! I was so disappointed in myself I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I stumbled on this course and thought, I NEED SOMETHING DIFFERENT! My old studying style was just hundreds of questions daily. I knew I was a little behind on my content as it has been almost 3 years since I had graduated. So I thought, I will try the 5 week course and give it a try. I literally worked during the day and left my house and studied in the evenings, I have about 8 full notebooks of notes from this course! I did not see my husband or kids those 5 weeks but BOY DID IT PAY OFF!! I went in 2 days after my 5 week course was complete and sat down uneasy! My computer shut off around 110 questions and I was so upset with that feeling of "I had failed again!" 2 days went by and I received an email with MY LICENSE NUMBER!! I HAD PASSED! 3rd time was a charm for me and I cannot thank NCSBN more! I feel like I passed because of my dedication, focus and this course material! Thank you thank you!


To everyone that hasn't passed, keep it up! I honestly did not think I would ever pass! But I finally have RN behind my name! With dedication, and putting things on the backburner for only a short time (it is hard missing the fun with the family, but it really is necessary) YOU CAN DO IT! Good Luck!