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TTP Part 2: Transition to Practice for Preceptors

(Yes, that's the name of a New Kids on the Block song… )

You’ve been asked to be a preceptor for a newly licensed nurse. Congratulations! Obviously, your employer recognizes that you have the right stuff to be a preceptor – a skilled leader with clinical expertise and a passion for nursing.

You realize that this may prove to be one of the most rewarding opportunities in your nursing career. But at the same time, you know that without the right preparation, it may also prove to be one of the most stressful experiences.

Not only will you have to juggle the demands of your own patient load, you will also be expected to help new nurses make the transition from student to safe practitioner. You find yourself wondering… “Do I have what it takes to be a teacher, coach, facilitator, evaluator and protector?” 

The NCSBN Learning Extension is here to help!

Introducing Transition to Practice for Preceptors

Based on the results of an impressive research study, we have developed an impressive new e-learning offering – the Transition to Practice (TTP) Course for Preceptors.

This online and self-paced continuing education (CE) course takes a preceptor’s multi-faceted roles and translates them into a manageable skillset. You’ll leave with clear priorities and tactics for coaching, evaluating and protecting your preceptee…whatever their learning style.

We have even created a Preceptor Discussion Board on where you can share ideas with and support other preceptors.

Designed to maximize your experience

TTP for Preceptors integrates seamlessly with the five online CE courses we created for new nurses:

  1. Communication & Teamwork
  2. Patient- and Family-centered Care
  3. Evidence-based Practice
  4. Quality Improvement
  5. Informatics

Each of these courses includes an Assignment Book with interactive activities. Every activity prompts new nurses to reflect upon and discuss what they have learned with a preceptor.

Your Course for Preceptors includes these downloadable Assignment Books—from all five of the new nurse courses. When your new nurse comes to you to discuss an assignment, you’ll be a step ahead.

Along with access to all the assignments for new nurses, there are also discussion questions designed especially for you. These will help you engage and empower your preceptee.

Ready to get started?

While nursing skills, knowledge and experience are important for any preceptor, you’ll grow in confidence as you understand the learning needs of your new nurse.

With the help of TTP for Preceptors, you’ll grow in conviction that you have the right stuff to be a preceptor. You’ll leave with the tips and ideas you need to help your preceptees become competent and confident nurses.

Sign up today and prepare to enrich your own career as you enrich the career of another.

Now it’s your turn

What is the most challenging part of being a preceptor? What tip would you like to pass on to others?