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Six Tips for a Better Tomorrow

I was enjoying the never-ending job of cleaning out the inbox of my email when I saw the title of an infographic: The six smartest things you can do every night and morning.” Intrigued (and figuring all those emails could wait a bit longer), I began reading about how I could have a smarter and better tomorrow.

At the very top of the page, the clever infographic promised I’d be able to…

  • Free my mind
  • Cleanse my spirit
  • Organize my life

Free. Clean. Organized. Was it possible that six simple tips could make me more productive and successful?  And could it be as simple as changing a few morning and nighttime rituals?  

Read on and perhaps, like me, you’ll find some tips that could make a real difference.


The three smartest things to do every night

Bedtime tip # 1 — Make a “night before list”

The first (and my favorite) tip on the list is to make what Chris Brogan, founder of Human Business Works, calls “a powerful, five-part preparation template.”   Just before you go to bed at night, you should fill in the blanks of this to-do list:

  1. Tomorrow, I’m going to _______________.
  2. To be ready, I need to  _______________.
  3. I will remember my  _______________.
  4. The random thoughts that just filled my head are  _______________.
  5. Also remember to  _______________.

I don’t know about you, but random thoughts always seem to muck things up for me. I am thinking that writing these down may even help me sleep better. I’m going to try this tip tonight. 

Bedtime Tip # 2  — Set your clothes out for tomorrow

The second tip is something I’ve done…forever. I’m up super early to catch the train for my long commute to work, so setting things out the night before is a no-brainer for me.  

When you do this, be sure to not only set out your clothing, but also accessories, jewelry, briefcase (or backpack) and any other essentials! 

Bedtime Tip # 3  — Forgive yourself 

Before going to bed is the perfect time to forgive ourselves for any mistakes we’ve made or problems we’ve caused. By doing so, and reflecting on what we learned from the experience, we can let go of the bad feeling before we turn off the lights. 

When I’ve had an exceptionally difficult day, I do try to focus on the one thing that went well or for which I can hypothetically pat myself on the back for.  (I’ll have to work on the forgiving myself part!)

Making a list, setting out your clothes, and forgiving yourself will help you start your morning with a clean slate, prepared for….


The three smartest things to do every morning

These tips focus more on doing than on reflecting—making them a little easier to accomplish.

Rise and shine tip # 1  — Do something for yourself

Do something for you, something that will get you going and keep you going all day long. It can be as simple as a nice, hot cup of tea.  The infographic also suggests exercise or a nice long shower.  The goal is to free your mind so you can face challenges and solve problems throughout the day. 

Rise and shine tip # 2  — Have a routine

A morning routine saves energy, stores up your brainpower for important decisions and helps with time management.

The day starts so much better when I can find my keys in the exact same spot every morning when I’m rushing out the door. Even my cat loves routine and, on those mornings when I’m not rushing out the door, she still demands her morning treat! 

Rise and shine tip # 3  — Start with something big…or small

You’re finally ready for the day. It’s totally up to you if you want to tackle a big project first and get it out of the way or to start with a few quick tasks to gain momentum for the day.  Either way, that first thing you check off your list will feel like a victory.

I think these six tips and hints are perfectly suited for all of us, especially those of you who are preparing to take the NCLEX.  Just remember, at night:  Make a list, set our clothes, forgive yourself, and, in the morning: Do something for you, set a routine, and check something off that list! 

Speaking of checking something off my list, I have got to get back to cleaning up my email inbox.

Now it’s your turn

Which tip resonates the most with you?  Which tip will be the most challenging for you to do? Try one of these and let me know how it went!


  • Thank you for sharing this one.

    The tip that intrigued me is Bedtime tip # 1 — Make a “night before list”. I am quite surprised that I can actually start in advance and humor myself the following day as each blank on the to-do list gets accomplished.

    I haven't really "planned" on something that I've set a timetable and eagerly anticipated for every step to be done until I've actually decided to finally take the BOLD move after bouts and bouts of prayer to finally prepare for my NCLEX-RN.

    I'll try tonight the tip #1 as an inclusion on my daily quiet time :)


  • I am  a candidate for L.V.N  also the English is not my native language  ..but I did my challenge through the school and up to now

    how can i explain to public my story which I been through that must not happened who was so struggle with 100 efforts whatever I did always,  pl  keep alert who was suffered before suceed  the real world

  • I love all and keep in my mind whenever i go whatever  I  do .....thanks for sharing and  support me up to now

  • I love all and keep in my mind whenever i go whatever  I  do .....thanks for sharing and  support me up to now

  • Hi Susan please can you tall me were i can see SATA question. I have done lesson 2,3,4,5 i cannot see it. i am very big on it please can you help me. Thanks loretta

  • #3 is the reasonable for me although I am doing all

  • SATA or select all that apply questions (also called "multiple response" questions) are mixed in throughout all the tests and Practice Question Banks.