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New Nurses. Are you ready to be awesome?

Transition to Practice Part 1

 “I love being awesome because being awesome is awesome.”

You passed the NCLEX and have landed your first job. Yeah! And then, during orientation for your first job, reality hits. You are now responsible for the care of patients. You thought clinicals were stressful, but nothing really prepared you for this.

Learning about policies, procedures and standards is an important part of orientation. But without guidance on intelligent practice, you may find yourself struggling to juggle the demands of your first job.

Introducing NCSBN Learning Extension’s Transition to Practice Program

NCSBN Learning Extension is here to help! Based on the results of an impressive research study conducted by NCSBN, we have developed an equally impressive new e-learning offering – the Transition to Practice (TTP) program.

Consisting of five different online CE courses, the program will challenge you to compassionately apply nursing knowledge, while developing skills and competencies needed for safe and effective care.

Every lesson in the course starts with a scenario-based activity. To reinforce key concepts and learning, there are videos, self-assessments, short quizzes, and reflective assignments.

Designed around your needs

Although each course can stand on its own, the program was specifically designed to act as an integrated whole.

  • Course 1. Communication &Teamwork (4 CEs) – Learn how to provide safer and more effective care through situational awareness and using positive workplace behaviors.
  • Course 2. Patient- & Family-centered Care (4 CEs) – Understand how to engage your patients and include them as integral members of the health care team.
  • Course 3. Evidence-based Practice (4 CEs) – Build on your intellectual curiosity within the context of your health care team in order to achieve improved outcomes.
  • Course 4. Quality Improvement (4 CEs) – Embrace change and participate in processes that continuously improve the outcomes of care.
  • Course 5. Informatics (4 CEs) – Empower patients with new technologies that allow vital information to flow between the patient and health care team.

Perhaps you feel fairly confident about your ability to communicate with patients and coworkers, but you don’t know much about informatics. Since the program is completely flexible, you can enroll in only one, two, or all five courses – it’s entirely up to you.

And there’s still more awesomeness

Since information alone will not provide a successful transition, we built preceptor and peer-to-peer interactions into every course. A well thought-out transition to practice program needs dedicated preceptors (and mentors) to help newly licensed nurses become competent clinicians.

Even if you are not assigned a preceptor, every course encourages to you reach out to a trusted and experienced colleague. While the value of face-to-face communication cannot be overstated, online communication is also an important source of support and information for busy professionals.

There are discussion boards for each of the TTP courses as well as a general discussion board, the New Nurse Connection, where you can write about concerns, ask questions, or share ideas.

However you decide to approach your personal transition to nursing practice, TTP is designed to help you really think about what you know. As you make new connections and implement new knowledge, you'll find that being awesome is simply that...awesome!

Now it’s your turn

Check out the New Nurses page on for more details about each course and the program. Then be sure to watch the video about the program.

One last note… The TTP program also includes a course for preceptors. Stay tuned for my next blog, TTP Part 2 with more about the Preceptor course.