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Meet Sue

Hello and welcome! I have been a registered nurse in the state of Illinois for over 30 years. I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BS in Nursing and later completed my MS in Nursing at Lewis University. Throughout my career, I have ventured down many avenues of the nursing profession – with 10 years as a hospital nurse, working as an elementary school nurse, and many years as a nursing and nurse assistant educator and administrator.

At McHenry County College (MCC) in Crystal Lake, Illinois, I developed, wrote, and implemented a nursing program. I am a published industry writer, have served on countless committees, and somewhere in the middle of all this have managed to raise two beautiful daughters.

Professional Past… and Future

At NCSBN, I now serve as an instructor for Learning Extension’s NCLEX Review courses and assist in the development of all online courses. I treasure this opportunity to serve upcoming generations of nurses, and have found at NCSBN a new home away from home. Not to mention, my long train commute into work each morning gives me plenty of time to catch up on current events and muse about the future of nursing!

As a nurse, orthopedics was my first love. It was great caring for patients who were hospitalized and had surgery to repair their hips or knees, because a large percentage of them went home healthy and, usually, happy - you can't say that about many hospital patients! My least favorite nursing experience was as a school nurse (Pre-K - Grade 6).  The staff was supportive, the kids were great, but regulations and parents were challenging.

Beyond Nursing

I enjoy Pilates and water aerobics classes, volunteering for the County Prairie Trail Safety Watch (a friend and I “patrol” the bike trails in McHenry County almost every Sunday morning) and regular get-togethers with my friends – my favorite form of therapy. Of course, whenever possible I take the opportunity to brag a little about my lovely daughters.

I look forward to sharing with you more from my experiences as we take an inside look together at what’s going on in the news, nursing, and here at NCSBN!