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Have a nagging question about course content? Need clarification about the correct response or rationale for a question in a course?

If you are a registered user currently enrolled in one of our courses and you have a question about course content, you can draw from the experience and expertise of NCSBN Learning Extension’s nursing instructor. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign in — Make sure you are signed in to the online community to begin.
  2. Ask your question  So go ahead... ask away!
  3. Get a quick response — Later, check the forum to find the questions you’ve posted and responses.

 Instructor hours are Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm Central.

Our instructor usually responds on the same day as you post your question, but please be patient if it takes a little longer to get a response.  Also, if you ask a question unrelated to course content, or a fact-based question that can be easily answered with a little research on your own, you may not receive a response from the instructor.

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Study better and feel confident on test day!  Check out tips posted by other students in the Student Connection and in Testimonials.

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