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Become a Celebrity

Do you have celebrity status on Learning Extension?

Members can receive points by contributing to our community! Each time you comment, post, rate, etc., you earn points! You can even earn points when other community members rate your posts and

By earning points you are showing other members that you are an active and dedicated member of our community.  You become a powerful resource to other members when they are searching for help regarding their NCLEX, continuing education, nursing life, etc.  The more points you have the higher your celebrity status!

Earn points by:

Creating a post 100
Add a Comment 100
Rate a Post 50
Rate a Comment 50
Comment Selected as Favorite 100
Receive Comments on Post 100
Ratings on My Post 25
Ratings on My Comments 25
Baby, you're a star!

There are 3 different levels based on point totals. Each category has a different icon associated and that icon follows you wherever you post. So, if you are a celebrity everyone can see that based on your star!

Member: 0-300 points

B-lister: 301-1000 points

Celebrity : 1001 and up!