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Diversity: Building Cultural Competence

Online, self-paced CE course

Work effectively with people from all backgrounds.

Cost: US$30

CE Credit: 6.0 contact hours

Subscription Length: 3 weeks Enroll Now: Go to NCSBN's Online Campus Now

Enroll Now: Go to NCSBN's Online Campus Now

Audience: This program is for every nurse (PN/VNs and RNs) in every practice setting at every level of practice.

Build a diverse skill set… for today’s diverse work place!

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Both client-centered care and working with other professionals require effective communication skills, especially in today’s multicultural workplace. By learning ways to embrace diversity in health care and respect individual differences, you can become a more competent provider.

In this self-paced course, you’ll increase your nursing cultural competence by answering these questions:

  • How can I better meet the needs of clients from different backgrounds?
  • What role do my own personal values play in a multicultural workplace?
  • What cultural and religious factors do I need to consider?

For only $30, you will receive three weeks of unlimited, 24-hour access to the course materials, earning 6.0 contact hours.

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Confidently meet the challenges of diversity in health care.

Transform your understanding of minority health care and learn how to bridge cultural divides with co-workers and clients, as you master these course objectives:

  • Compare the cultural composition of the United States today to projections for the future.
  • Identify personal beliefs and attitudes related to diversity.
  • Identify the characteristics of cultural competence in the health care setting.
  • List at least three standards set by the Office of Minority Health for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in health care (CLAS).
  • Identify cultural practices that may influence health care for various populations.
  • Recognize cultural issues that must be considered in meeting client and family needs.
  • Recognize religious issues that must be considered in meeting client and family needs.
  • Identify issues of gender and relationship diversity that must be considered in dealing with clients and families.
  • Outline techniques to work effectively with cultural diversity amongst health care workers.

Gain knowledge about nursing diversity in an interactive setting.

Experience the fun of e-learning as you:

  1. Learn by doing — Explore “Links to Knowledge,” visual and graphic aids and key terms as you navigate through the course contents.

  2. Solidify your knowledge — Complete fun and interactive exercises, including multiple-choice and matching assessments.

  3. Reflect on what you learn — Answer short-answer and essay questions in the downloadable workbook. Note: Completion of the workbook may be necessary to meet board of nursing requirements.

  4. Complete the course at your own pace — Guide yourself through the course and complete assignments at your convenience.

At the end of the course, evaluate your understanding of key concepts by completing the posttest. A score of 75% or above is required to receive your contact hours.

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Developed by: This course was developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)

Author(s): Linda L. Blair, RN, MA and Tonnie L. Renfro, PhD, MBA

Background: Linda Blair has been the Dean at Spencerian College since 1999. The College has a Practical Nursing Program, an Associates Degree in Nursing Program and fifteen other allied health programs. Ms. Blair has a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and a Masters Degree in Education from Spalding University. She has been in nursing education for over thirty years, having been an instructor of psychiatric nursing, college dean, and school director at several schools.

Ms. Blair has a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and a Masters Degree in Education from Spalding University. She has been in nursing education for over

Background: Dr. Tonnie L. Renfro has been a faculty member at Spencerian College since 1998. As faculty, Dr. Renfro has distinguished herself as an instructor, Student Counselor, Faculty advisor, and Workplace Violence Coordinator. She has a strong background in Sociology and Social Psychology, with minor degrees in Psychology and Theology. In addition to holding a PhD. in Sociology from LaSalle University, Dr. Renfro holds a Master of Arts degree in Business Administration from National University.

Dr. Renfro served honorably for seven years in the United States Marine Corps from 1984 to 1991. During her time in the military she traveled extensively, including living for six months in South Korea. After leaving the military, she worked in her chosen field as a Deputy Probation Counselor at The Youth Guidance Center, a juvenile detention facility for incarcerated youth, in Orange County, California. Many of the “at-risk” youth that Dr. Renfro supervised and counseled were from a variety of racial backgrounds, primarily Hispanic and Asian.