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Prepare for an exciting new career in nursing!

The NCSBN Learning Extension provides many excellent and practical resources for new nurses and preceptors. These include:

Become more confident and competent

Would you like to bring the Learning Extension's Transition to Practice Program to your workplace? Are you personally interested in enrolling in one or more of these courses? Scan the New Nurse Course Testimonials to read what others are saying and build enthusiasm for NCSBN Learning Extension’s TTP program. For more details about the courses and progression through the program, see the Program Overview, view the video, review the Journey Map, get information for health care organizations and learn background about the TTP program.

Be a part of lively discussions

Since sharing with others is one of the best ways to build positive learning experiences, there are separate discussion boards for preceptors and new nurses, as well as course-specific discussion boards. Whether you want to respond to assignments, ask questions, exchange ideas or provide support for others, we encourage you to reach out and connect with others.

Congratulations and share your wisdom

Add your name to the New Nurse Hall of Fame when you complete the entire five course program - you can even send a link to family and friends about your accomplishment! Read what others have written about the program. Share your thoughts. Pass your wisdom on to others.