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“I would do this again in a heartbeat.” ~Transition to Practice participant

As a new graduate nurse, your first year of practice will most likely be your toughest year. With the right help, it can also set the tone for confident, safe and gratifying practice. The new Transition to Practice course series puts you on the right track as you add vital on-the-job proficiencies…

  • Adopt proven communication strategies that reduce errors
  • Empower patients, families and significant others
  • Apply critical reasoning through evidence-based practice
  • Participate in processes that improve outcomes of care
  • Connect technology with caring
  • Interact with a preceptor to develop clinical decision making

Proven by research to improve performance

NCSBN Learning Extension's program for new graduate nurses and preceptors is based on NCSBN's 2011-2013 Transition to Practice multisite, randomized and controlled study. Using tried-and-true content that's evidence-based and implementing recommendations from the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project and the Institute of Medicine (IOM), you will strengthen your core competencies as you learn from renowned nursing experts.

“It was nice to not be scared of failing.” ~Transition to Practice participant

Courses in the Transition to Practice Program

Transition to Practice is a six-month program comprised of five courses for new nurses. The cost for each course is US$40; these courses are available for purchase as a package for US$150 per nurse. Each of the courses have 4.0 Contact Hours for continuing education credit.

The accompanying Preceptor course is purchased separately for US$30 and has 2.0 Contact Hours for continuing education credit.

Course Competencies include...
Course 1: Communication & Teamwork

Develop situational awareness that helps your team operate more effectively and prevents harm to patients.

Course 2: Patient- & Family-centered Care

Promote your patient’s recovery by incorporating their culture and values while engaging their support network

Course 3: Evidence-based Practice

Make a real contribution to your team as you access, share, and implement the latest research.

Course 4: Quality Improvement

Participate in processes that continuously improve the outcomes of care.

Course 5: Informatics 

Effectively use technology to create usable information that supports the practice of nursing.

Course for Preceptors: Helping Nurses Transition to Practice

Foster the growth of new graduate nurses by embracing the role of teacher, coach and protector.

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