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Technical Requirements

Our online courses were designed to make learning fun and interactive. You should make sure that you have the appropriate software and hardware in order to utilize all of the great features of the courses. Most are easily met by changing a setting or a free download.

Web Browsers


  • Safari on Mac OSX 10.9 or higher
  • Google Chrome 38 or higher

Windows computers:

All other browsers can cause errors and should not be used. The Edge browser that is the new default browser for the Windows 10 operating system is not recommended.

Mobile devices, including Apple iPad and iPhone devices, should not be used unless you are taking one of our courses that has been optimized for mobile devices. For all other courses, it may open on your mobile device, but will not work properly. Find more information and a release schedule for our upcoming mobile optimized interface courses

Pop-up Blockers

Three separate windows are utilized to navigate the NCSBN Learning Extension online campus website. Pop-up blockers can cause problems with these windows. If you do not see the login page when you click Enter Online Campus, please disable all pop-up blockers. Also note that many add-on toolbars, including Google and Yahoo, also have pop-up blockers that you will need to turn off.