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Lessons wont open

Hi, Im having trouble opening my lessons. I tried opening lesson 3 and 4 with no success. Im currently using Google Chrome as my browser, I've exited the site and re-entered using the portal and still I cant get them to open. Please help.

Also side note, if I need to add an extra week to my course how can I do that?


  • Please do not include name/email/phone #, etc. in posts.
    Be sure to follow these steps in the order provided when accessing your course:
    1. Enter directly into your address bar.
    2. Click "Enter the Online Campus" from the homepage.
    3. You will then enter your login credentials; username/email address and password.
    4. Click the “My Courses” tab to launch course.
    5. Course should open initial window with “Save Progress & Close” button.
    6. Click “Launch Course” if it does not open automatically.
    This is the correct way to access the website by computer or mobile device. You will need to enter into your address bar each time you would like to access your course. You cannot resume working from the same browser that you previously worked in without first navigating back to the
    homepage and entering your login credentials. You should not still encounter issues within your course if you are accessing the website in this order. You cannot use a bookmark or favorite to access your course as this will not properly log you into your account and you may encounter saving errors when you attempt to save your progress and exit the course. If you continue to encounter errors, please review our technical requirements and try accessing through another compatible browser listed.

    Also, after you click on the lesson you want to access, be sure to click on "Launch Course" in the yellow square area to the right.