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print results

I took the test and printed results but it doesn't have my name, or NCSBN on the paperwork. How do I print with this information on the paper?

  • It looks like you have not saved your progress correctly. You will need to be sure you are clicking “Save & Exit” AND then "Save Progress and Close" as that will save your work where you left off prior to closing the browser pop up window. These saving instructions are provided in the Introduction and Close of your course. Most importantly, you must be logged in to your account to successfully access the course and save your progress. You cannot access the course through a bookmark or favorite as that will not log your progress onto your account. You have to type directly into the address bar, click “Enter the Online Campus” and enter your login information each time you access the course to ensure you are logged in correctly and your progress is being logged under your account only.
    You will also need to be sure that you are not leaving your course open and idle for an extended period of time as that may cause errors with saving as well. Your connection may also time out if left unattended. We also advise accessing your course using Google Chrome as that works best for course functionality.
    If you encounter additional issues with saving, please review our technical requirements to ensure you are using a compatible device and browser. You will need to go back and complete the course and be sure to click "Save Progress" prior to closing the window. Courses must be completed and saved correctly in order for your certificate of completion to be available to you. All courses successfully completed will have the option to print or download your certificate under the "My History" tab on your account.
    Technical Requirements found here: