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Pretest Results?

Hey there, Just finished the pretest, I can see my incorrect and correct, but I thought it would give me some sort of results page where it showed my strengths and weaknesses? Is that available, or does it not exist? Because if it doesn't exist then it was just doing 150 random questions (Which is always good practice don't get me wrong) but there should be a way to see where you're lacking at, can somebody please help me?

  • On the last page in Introduction and RN Diagnostic Pretest there is a Scorecard Review. In the bottom there is an opportunity to see a Printable Exam Report. It will open in a new window and gives you an overview of the pretest.

    I hope this will help you :-)

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    lenehertel is correct.  At the bottom of the scorecard for each test there is a Printable Exam Report which will show your strengths and weaknesses.  If you have any other questions, please let us know.  Thanks!

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    Awesome! Thanks!

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    I also just finished the pretest....but when I go to print that off I am not seeing anything about my strengths and weaknesses? Also I thought we were getting a study plan going off of our weakness to prepare for NCLEX?

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    The pretest is broken into the same learning objectives included in the NCLEX.  On the Scorecard you will see the link to download your Printable Exam Report.  You will see each lesson and learning objective and how you scored in those areas.  You may use this to focus on areas you are weaker in.  

    Let us know if you still have questions!


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    I finished the pretest and can not find anything to print.    I go to the last page of the introduction and RN diagnostic pretest and it is titled Conclusion.  The page before that is the last scorecard under the section titled Physiological Adaptation Questions.  It gives me my score and the passing score at the top of the questions and there are two buttons (retake and report).  I do not see a scorecard review or printable exam report.  Can you please help me?

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    You can click on the Report link to save or print a copy of your Printable Exam Report.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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    I am going to the score card. It is only allowing me to print or retake. I only see my percentages of how I failed and above or below the goal. I cannot see the breakdown of details for my strengths or weaknesses. Can someone help me?

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    You can use that information to see what areas you are below and above in and you can focus on areas of weakness.  

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    How can I tell which areas I am weak in? Should I just check each section of the test it was, for instance, Safety, and if it's below then that is where I am weak in>

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    Yes!  That is how you can tell.

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    Thank you so much for being quick to respond :)

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    Hello Andrea, I don't know if this is a technical problem but I don't see the result of my pretest & post test with the new version 7.1.2, I don't get the same problem with my old version. Do you think it's my browser? I am using the latest version of internet explorer along with the windows 8.1 (i'm not a techy person by the way)

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    If you'd like to view the rationales, navigate to each bank's scorecard and click on each reference number to view your answers and rationales.  If you need further assistance or have any other questions, please let us know.

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    Still I don't get an answer for this :(