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Is there anybody else having problems with logging in on the review this morning. Contacted customer support but he was not very helpful.

  • Yes I am!! and its making me mad!

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    me too! It always says webpage not available!

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    I was told it was an issue with my internet provider.. but if others are having a problem too...

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    yess mee .. i thought it was my computer.. is driving me crazy....

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    I hope they give us an extra day on our review. It's still not working.

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    They told me the same thing. That why I said earlier customer support  was not very helpful.

  • I cannot sign on as well.

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    Just got off the phone with customer support.  This time they did acknowledge that the website was having technical problems. He took my name and email address. I guess they are going to give me an extra day on my review. I don't know about anyone else but I need all my days on this review.

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    Hi - This original post was posted in the wrong forum and we just saw it.

    This is actually an issue with your internet provider.  You can email us at and we can email you instructions on how to clear your DNS Cache - or you can call your internet provider. This issue is only happening for people with certain internet providers and it is not on our end.  

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced.

  • Yes, I keep getting the error message:  Server not found.  Something has to be up with their server, but customer support should know that.

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    This is an Internet Service Provider issue. It appears that at least one internet provider is AT&T which we understand effects a lot of people (they are a big provider!).  The problem is not on our end, unfortunately the internet provider has to fix this issue.  The more people who notify their internet service providers the quicker they will look into it. They do typically refresh every day so it will resolve on its own, but perhaps contacting them will help you faster.

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    If anyone having problems can let us know their Internet Provider and City, State - that would be helpful for us. We can help contact your internet providers as well.

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    Here are specific instructions to clear our DNS Cache:

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    1) I'm not having problems with any other website

    2) Its the same error on different computers (windows and Mac)

    3) Resetting DNS Cache instructions did not resolve the issue

    Internet Provider: Charter, Fort Worth Texas


    This webpage is not available


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    The server at can't be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website's name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.