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Half screen?

I am taking an 8 week review.  Just wondering why most of the time my lessons are on half screen.  Is there anyone out there who experienced the same? I would truly appreciate your help on how to read my lessons in full screen. 

  • It sounds like you're using Internet Explorer version 10, correct?  Unfortunately that particular browser is not fully compatible or supported with our courses yet, and will sometimes cause strange display issues like you are describing.  We do have an FAQ that gives tips on how to fix the issue.  You'll particularly want to pay attention to step 3 that talks about compatibility mode.  If you need further assistance, feel free to contact customer service at or by calling 312-525-3749.  

    Melinda, NCSBN

  • I guess that is the reason because when I tried Mozilla firefox it's fine but the problem when i open it at mozilla the loading is very very slow so i always end up going back to internet explorer.  Thank you very much.  I will try to check on the tips you gave me for fixing this problem.